Courses tagged with "Emergency"

Abdominal Pain 2016

Abdominal Pain 2016


Acute abdominal pain
Mr Simon Paterson-Brown

Chronic abdominal pain
Dr Gail Masterton

Medical causes of abdominal pain and the role of faecal calprotectin
Dr Charlie Lees

Category: Abdominal Pain
Acute Confusion 2018

Acute Confusion 2018


Investigating acute confusion
Dr Luke Regan

Delirium: A structured approach to treatment
Professor Alasdair MacLullich

MSE and cognitive assessment in acute and chronic confusion
Dr Tom Russ

Category: Acute Confusion
Anaphylaxis 2018

Anaphylaxis 2018


Anaphylaxis: Pathophysiology, mechanisms and causes
Dr Robert Docking

Recognition and management of anaphylaxis
Dr Claire Gordon

So you've been told you had anaphylaxis... what now?
Dr Malcolm Shepherd

Category: Anaphylaxis
Anaphylaxis 2016

Anaphylaxis 2016


Recognition and management of anaphylaxis
Dr Janet Skinner

Anaphylaxis - investigating the cause
Dr Charu Chopra

Airway problems associated with anaphylaxis
Dr Zoey Dempsey

Category: Anaphylaxis
Blackout / Collapse 2017

Blackout / Collapse 2017


Who, when and how to investigate for cardiac causes in the AMU
Dr Catherine Labinjoh

Collapse in the older patient
Dr Lara Mitchell

Vertigo: Initial presentation to complex management
Dr Patrick Spielmann

Cardio-Respiratory Arrest 2019

Cardio-Respiratory Arrest 2019


Resuscitation guideline highlights
Dr Alan Robertson

Timely referral of potential organ donors
Dr Iain Macleod

Prevention of cardiac arrest and DNACPR decisions
Dr Juliet Spiller and Dr Vicky Tallentire

Cardio-Respiratory Arrest 2017

Cardio-Respiratory Arrest 2017


Preventing the arrest: Chest pain risk stratification and pathways
Dr Alasdair Gray

Cardiac arrest: an update on current guidelines
Mr John McGowan

When CPR is unlikely to be successful
Professor Robin Taylor

Chest Pain 2015

Chest Pain 2015


When to admit and when to discharge
Professor Nicholas Mills

Update on acute PE management
Dr James Tiernan

Acute coronary syndromes (ACS)
Dr Nicholas Boon

Category: Chest Pain
Fever 2019

Fever 2019


Sepsis 3.0: An update on diagnosis and management
Dr Robert Docking

Neutropenic sepsis
Dr Monica Szabo

Category: Fever
Fits/Seizures 2019

Fits/Seizures 2019


Acute management of seizures: Anticonvulsants
Dr Russell Hewett

Dissociative (non-epileptic) attacks
Professor Jon Stone

Category: Fits / Seizures
Fits/Seizures 2016

Fits/Seizures 2016


Managing the acute fit and status epilepticus
Dr Dean Kerslake

Anti-epileptic drugs
Dr Richard Davenport

Dissociative (non-epileptic) attacks
Dr Jon Stone

Category: Fits / Seizures
Haematemesis/Melaena 2018

Haematemesis/Melaena 2018


It's 9pm in the ED and a patient presents with melaena
Dr Sarah Hearnshaw

Peptic ulcer disease (PUD)
Dr Sian Gilchrist

Managing variceal bleeding
Dr Steven Masson

Haematemesis/Melaena 2015

Haematemesis/Melaena 2015


Upper GI bleeding: Cause and initial management
Professor John Plevris

Acute upper GI bleeding: Risk stratification and timing of endoscopy
Dr Norma McAvoy

Heart versus gut: What to do with anticoagulants and antiplatelets
Dr Peter Henriksen

Poisoning 2019

Poisoning 2019


Street drugs
Professor Simon Thomas

International weapons
Professor Michael Eddleston

Is my poisoned patient 'detainable'?
Dr Roger Smyth

Category: Poisoning
Poisoning 2017

Poisoning 2017


What level of monitoring does my poisoned patient need?
Dr Euan Sandilands

When to use special measures
Professor Simon Thomas

Compulsory treatment in hospital
Dr Stephen Potts

Category: Poisoning
Shocked Patient 2016

Shocked Patient 2016


Pathophysiology of shock
Dr Graham Nimmo

Hypovolaemic shock: How to stem the bleeding
Dr Carl Moores

What to do when immediate resuscitation fails
Dr Ian Mellor

Category: Shocked Patient
Unconscious Patient 2019

Unconscious Patient 2019


The unconscious patient: When to call a neurosurgeon
Miss Julie Woodfield

Suspected meningoencephalitis: Management strategies
Dr Andrew Storey

Drugs and the unconscious patient
Dr James Dear

Unconscious Patient 2017

Unconscious Patient 2017


The unconscious patient
Dr Achyut Valluri

Hepatic encephalopathy: Presentation, diagnosis and management
Professor Jane Metcalf

The unconscious patient with high CO2
Dr Alistair Gascoigne

Acute Medicine: St Andrew's Day 2018

Acute Medicine: St Andrew's Day 2018

Day 1

Training for “Generation Me”
Dr Kim Walker

Lessons from mortality reviews
Professor Allen Hutchinson

How to develop resilient acute physicians (Resources)
Dr Mark Stacey

Investigate without prejudice
Mr Keith Conradi

Getting it right first time (GIRFT)
Professor Tim Briggs

Equality in health care
Dr Moira Connolly

Hospital at Home
Dr Scott Ramsay

Pushing the boundaries of ambulatory care
Dr Naomi Fox

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)
Dr Gillian Bain

Toxicology - what is your poison?
Dr Euan Sandilands

Treatment refusal: Psychiatrist tips
Dr Stephen Potts

Acute hyperglycaemia
Dr Hannah Robertson

Day 2

Dementia friendly environments
Professor Emma Reynish and Dr Alison Dawson

The arts and dementia
Professor Tom Dening

All that's diabetes in the young is not T1DM: Clinical approach and DDx
Professor Nihal Thomas

Does white matter disease matter?
Professor Vincent Mok

Apps for clinician and patient
Dr Rupert Page

Alder Hey - Cognitive Hospital
Mr Iain Hennessey

Cardiology: High sensitivity troponin
Dr Anne Scott

Endocrine emergencies
Dr Stephanie Baldeweg

Neurology: Moments of weakness
Professor John Paul Leach

Respiratory update
Dr William McConnell

Acute Medicine: St Andrew's Day 2017

Acute Medicine: St Andrew's Day 2017

Day 1

Upper GI bleeding
Dr Lyn Smith

Toxicology update
Dr James Coulson

Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA)
Dr Nicola Zammitt

Anticoagulation – DOACs for everything?
Dr Catherine Bagot

Acute oncology emergencies
Dr Pauline Leonard

Acute haematological emergencies
Dr Huw Roddie

Rashes in the ED
Dr Mike Tidman

The acute hot joint
Dr Anne McEntegart

Functional symptoms
Dr Ingrid Hoeritzauer

Finding the furrow
Dr Dearbhail Lewis

Dr Adam Gordon

Day 2

When to call the GI surgeon
Mr Simon Paterson-Brown

When to call the urologist
Mr Ben Thomas

When to call the neurosurgeon
Mr Nigel Suttner

The rational physical examination
Professor Andrew Elder

Safety is no accident” - lessons for medicine from aviation
Dr Jerry Marsden

Rational clinical decision making
Professor Pat Croskerry

Novel insights into brain infections and diagnostic advances
Dr Michael Griffiths

Antimicrobial stewardship
Dr Andrew Seaton

A case that change my practice
Dr Sue Pound

A case that changed my practice
Dr Tom Mackay

A tale of two Geoffs
Dr Caroline Whitworth

Cardiology 2017

Cardiology 2017


Mitral valve disease in the developing world
Dr Rick Steeds

Dr Susanna Price

Cardiac complications of cancer therapeutics: cardio-oncology
Dr Alex Lyon

'Troponinitis' - when not to call a raised troponin ACS
Dr Stuart Hutcheon

Medical emergencies in adult congenital heart disease
Dr Niki Walker

Category: Cardiology
Diabetes and Endocrinology 2018

Diabetes and Endocrinology 2018


Risks and benefits of testosterone therapy in men
Dr Channa Jayasena

Flash monitoring in diabetes
Dr Fraser Gibb

How I manage hyponatraemia
Professor Chris Thompson

How do I manage... adrenal crisis
Dr Marie Freel

Thyroid storms
Dr Mark Vanderpump

Cardiovascular risk and outcomes in an era of outcome studies
Professor Sarah Wild

Geriatric Medicine 2018

Geriatric Medicine 2018


Infectious diseases
Dr Alisdair MacConnachie

Heart failure
Dr John Baxter

Respiratory medicine update
Dr Richard Stretton

Frailty in the ED
Dr Charlotte Bates

Frailty in the operating room
Mr Iain McCallum

Neurology 2017

Neurology 2017


Symptoms and signs of neuro-otological disorders
Dr Diego Kaski

Dizziness: Acute, paroxysmal, positional
Mr Patrick Spielmann

Neurological red flags in the AMU
Dr Esther Sammler

Common dilemmas in the neuro-ICU
Professor Simon Nagel

Long-term respiratory support in neuromuscular conditions
Dr Anthony Bateman

Category: Neurology
Top Tips for FY

Top Tips for FY


Top tips for FY1: A personal perspective
Dr Jonathan Kang

Managing unwell patients: Tips for your first on-call shifts
Dr Nicola Robinson

FY1: Managing the transition from student to doctor - learning to learn while working
Dr Fiona Cameron


Top tips for FY
Dr Chloe Searle

On call - Survival Guide
Mr David Watson

The NEWS is not a verb. Managing yourself and your patients when everyone seems sick
Dr Nick Lane

Panel discussion
Dr Chloe Searle, Mr David Watson, Dr Nick Lane. Chair: Dr Jenny Hall


Top Tips for FY1
Dr Adam Groves

Managing the acutely unwell patient: Medical Registrar and Nurse Perspectives
Dr Rebecca Weerakoon and Mr Morgan Downie

Physician heal thyself – transitioning from student to doctor
Professor Rona Patey

Category: Medical Careers