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Haematemesis/Melaena 2015

Haematemesis/Melaena 2015


Upper GI bleeding: Cause and initial management
Professor John Plevris

Acute upper GI bleeding: Risk stratification and timing of endoscopy
Dr Norma McAvoy

Heart versus gut: What to do with anticoagulants and antiplatelets
Dr Peter Henriksen

Limb Pain/Swelling 2017

Limb Pain/Swelling 2017


DVT: Diagnosis, management and follow-up
Professor Campbell Tait

The persistently swollen leg
Dr Colin Baines

Lymphoedema: An overview
Mr Alex Munnoch

Palpitations 2018

Palpitations 2018


How to approach palpitation
Dr Anne Scott

Palpitations and anti-arrhythmics
Dr Christopher Lang

Update on anticoagulation in AF
Dr Ashley Nisbet

Category: Palpitations
Acute Medicine: St Andrew's Day 2017

Acute Medicine: St Andrew's Day 2017

Day 1

Upper GI bleeding
Dr Lyn Smith

Toxicology update
Dr James Coulson

Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA)
Dr Nicola Zammitt

Anticoagulation – DOACs for everything?
Dr Catherine Bagot

Acute oncology emergencies
Dr Pauline Leonard

Acute haematological emergencies
Dr Huw Roddie

Rashes in the ED
Dr Mike Tidman

The acute hot joint
Dr Anne McEntegart

Functional symptoms
Dr Ingrid Hoeritzauer

Finding the furrow
Dr Dearbhail Lewis

Dr Adam Gordon

Day 2

When to call the GI surgeon
Mr Simon Paterson-Brown

When to call the urologist
Mr Ben Thomas

When to call the neurosurgeon
Mr Nigel Suttner

The rational physical examination
Professor Andrew Elder

Safety is no accident” - lessons for medicine from aviation
Dr Jerry Marsden

Rational clinical decision making
Professor Pat Croskerry

Novel insights into brain infections and diagnostic advances
Dr Michael Griffiths

Antimicrobial stewardship
Dr Andrew Seaton

A case that change my practice
Dr Sue Pound

A case that changed my practice
Dr Tom Mackay

A tale of two Geoffs
Dr Caroline Whitworth

Cardiology 2018

Cardiology 2018


HFpEF: New horizons for diagnosis and treatment
Professor John Cleland

Lipids: From statins to PCSK9 inhibitors
Dr Derek Connolly

Precision medicine and hypertension
Professor Dame Anna Dominiczak

Antithrombotic treatment for AF
Professor Menno Huisman

VTE: Risk-adjusted treatment, secondary prophylaxis
Professor Stavros Konstantinides

Category: Cardiology
Gastroenterology 2017

Gastroenterology 2017


Novel anticoagulants: Management of bleeding risk in the real world
Dr Lyn Smith

Pancreatic cystic lesions
Dr Norma McAvoy

Innovation in endoscopy
Professor Krish Ragunath

Managing complex functional GI presentations
Dr Wojtek Wojcik

Care of chronic diseases in remote communities
Professor Angus Watson

General Medicine: Medical Trainees' Conference 2018

General Medicine: Medical Trainees' Conference 2018


Medical haematology
Dr James Russell

Parkinsonian puzzles
Dr Conor Maguire

Radiology quiz
Dr George Tse

Panel discussion: Improving flexibility in training
Dr Jennifer Lees, Dr Michael Farquhar, Professor Jane Mamelok, Professor Peter Trainer, Professor Derek Bell, Dr Marcus Lyall

18F-Fluoride PET-CT: Novel imaging to predict bioprosthetic valve failure
Dr Timothy Cartlidge

Dr Anne Jones

Demystifying myoclonus
Dr Russell Hewett

A near fatal cause of lower back pain
Dr Wan Shun Wong

An interesting differential for IBS
Dr Teqwen Ecclestone

Sepsis ?Source
Dr Ejaz Rahman

Missed opportunities to diagnose syphilis before sight-losing uveitis
Dr John Widdrington

Stroke Medicine 2018

Stroke Medicine 2018


Mechanical thrombectomy for acute ischaemic stroke
Professor Phil White

Management of ICH
Dr Adrian Parry-Jones

PFO and cryptogenic stroke:
(When) should we close the hole?

Dr Nicholas Weir

Oral anticoagulation after ischaemic stroke: When is best?
Professor Urs Fischer

Cognition after stroke: Is decline preventable?
Professor Sarah Pendlebury

Category: Neurology
Neurology Case 2015

Neurology Case 2015

  • Case: Bleeding and stroke | Dr Ann Carson and Dr Tim Cassidy
  • Self-assessment
  • Completion Certificate

Haematology Module 2013

Haematology Module 2013

  • Coagulation
  • Interpretation of the full blood count
  • Oral direct inhibitors
  • Case - A very busy young woman
  • Case-based questions for trainees

Self-assessment questions