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Keeping Up With Modern Medicine 2020

Keeping Up With Modern Medicine 2020


Fatigue, shift work and the evidence
Dr Christopher Sheridan

Insight and reflection when things go wrong
Dr Michael Devlin

Dr Beatrice Downie

Medicolegal Challenges 2020

Medicolegal Challenges 2020


Medical law: capacity and detentions
Dr Matthew Sheridan

Law and ethics around decision-making at end of life
Dr Stephen Fenning

After a significant event: the review process
Dr Claire Gordon

Category: Medicolegal
Poisoning 2019

Poisoning 2019


Street drugs
Professor Simon Thomas

International weapons
Professor Michael Eddleston

Is my poisoned patient 'detainable'?
Dr Roger Smyth

Category: Poisoning
Poisoning 2017

Poisoning 2017


What level of monitoring does my poisoned patient need?
Dr Euan Sandilands

When to use special measures
Professor Simon Thomas

Compulsory treatment in hospital
Dr Stephen Potts

Category: Poisoning
Acute Medicine: St Andrew's Day 2018

Acute Medicine: St Andrew's Day 2018

Day 1

Training for “Generation Me”
Dr Kim Walker

Lessons from mortality reviews
Professor Allen Hutchinson

How to develop resilient acute physicians (Resources)
Dr Mark Stacey

Investigate without prejudice
Mr Keith Conradi

Getting it right first time (GIRFT)
Professor Tim Briggs

Equality in health care
Dr Moira Connolly

Hospital at Home
Dr Scott Ramsay

Pushing the boundaries of ambulatory care
Dr Naomi Fox

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)
Dr Gillian Bain

Toxicology - what is your poison?
Dr Euan Sandilands

Treatment refusal: Psychiatrist tips
Dr Stephen Potts

Acute hyperglycaemia
Dr Hannah Robertson

Day 2

Dementia friendly environments
Professor Emma Reynish and Dr Alison Dawson

The arts and dementia
Professor Tom Dening

All that's diabetes in the young is not T1DM: Clinical approach and DDx
Professor Nihal Thomas

Does white matter disease matter?
Professor Vincent Mok

Apps for clinician and patient
Dr Rupert Page

Alder Hey - Cognitive Hospital
Mr Iain Hennessey

Cardiology: High sensitivity troponin
Dr Anne Scott

Endocrine emergencies
Dr Stephanie Baldeweg

Neurology: Moments of weakness
Professor John Paul Leach

Respiratory update
Dr William McConnell

Delirium Teaching Day (EDA / SDA / RCPE)

Delirium Teaching Day (EDA / SDA / RCPE)

  • A patient experience | Mr Mark Hudson
  • Assessment and management of delirium: key points from the 2019 SIGN Guidelines | Professor Alasdair MacLullich
  • Real-world implementation of better delirium care | Professor James Rudolph
  • Care of the highly agitated patient with delirium - a case based approach | Dr Gillian Scott
  • Medico-legal aspects of delirium: avoiding the major pitfalls | Dr Alan Duncan
  • Delirium education in healthcare settings: how to make it effective | Dr Andy Teodorczuk
  • Understanding distressed behaviour in delirium: video-based case discussion | Nicola Wood
  • Managing risk of falls in patients with delirium | Dr Hazel Miller
  • When delirium persists, what should we do? | Dr Roanna Hall and Dr Keri Jamieson
  • Question and answer session | Expert Panel

Category: Delirium
Recently Appointed Consultants (RAC) Meetings

Recently Appointed Consultants (RAC) Meetings

Professionalism in Medicine: Creating a Healthy Team Culture (2018)

Ms Mags Bradbury

Undermining and Bullying: Implications and what to do about it
Miss Alice Hartley

The 21st Century Consultant: looking to the future (2017)

Future NHS leadership
Mr Jim Mackey

The changing role of the consultant
Dr Wendy Watsons

Professional success: how to use appraisal and revalidation to realise your perfect job
Dr Janice Provan

Contemporary Challenges for the NHS Consultant (2016)

Practising realistic medicine in an increasingly litigious world
Dr Catherine Calderwood

Routes to clinical leadership: pearls of wisdom for aspiring clinicians
Dr Annabel Howell

Detecting early signs of stress & mental illness in ourselves and our colleagues
Dr Alastair Leckie

RAC Meeting 2015

Managing uncertainty
Dr Kerri Baker

Management structure in NHS Scotland (and how to engage effectively)
Dr David Murdoch

Managing conflict
Dr Mark Roberts

Life as a Consultant

Life as a Consultant


How to stay motivated and maintain engagement in times of stress
Mr Colin Crookston

Staff wellbeing
Dr Clare Gerada MBE

Transformative innovation in healthcare: making it happen
Dr Iain Keith

My career as a whistleblower - 30 years experience
Dr Peter Wilmshurst


Interviews: top tips for interviewers and interviewees
Dr Nick Fluck

How can a new consultant make an impact on quality improvement
Dr Simon Watson

Incorporating care into clinical practice
Mr Shaun Maher

You can’t be a person and a doctor” – lessons from a study of work-life (im)balance in doctors in training
Dr Antonia Rich

From medical student to medical director
Miss Tracey Gillies


Embed good research in your practice!
Professor Rustam Al-Shahi Salman

Becoming a changemaker: how to rock the boat without capsizing
Dr Vincent Connolly

Training the trainers: promoting excellent, safe care through education
Professor Jane Metcalf

Clinical teaching: who should do it, how should it be done and how can it be supported?
Dr Peter Reid

Learning from the Bawa-Garba Case

Learning from the Bawa-Garba Case

An evening debate in association with the Faculty of Advocates

Category: Medico-Legal