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The next Diabetes and Endocrinology Symposium is 2 October 2019
  • Risks and benefits of testosterone therapy in men | Dr Channa Jayasena
  • Flash monitoring: A revolution in diabetes care | Dr Fraser Gibb
  • How I manage hyponatraemia | Professor Chris Thompson
  • How do I manage... Adrenal crisis? | Dr Marie Freel
  • Thyroid storms | Dr Mark Vanderpump
  • Cardiovascular risk and outcomes in an era of outcome studies | Professor Sarah Wild
  • Thyroid disease in pregnancy | Dr Kristien Boelaert
  • Diabetes and Ramadan: A Challenge and an opportunity? | Dr Mohamed Hassanein
  • Bariatric surgery and beyond | Professor Nick Finer
  • Type 1 and exercise - physiological changes and glycaemic control | Dr Ian Gallen
  • Balancing nutrition and sport in type 1 diabetes | Ms Francesca Annan

  • How do I investigate suspected secondary hypertension | Dr Marie Freel
  • When and what to test in the patient with suspected monogenic diabetes | Professor Andrew Hattersley
  • When and what to test in the patient with pituitary incidentaloma | Professor Peter Trainer
  • Putting insulin resistance into context by dietary reversal of type 2 diabetes | Professor Roy Taylor
  • Unusual thyroid function tests and disorders of the pituitary-thyroid axis | Professor Krishna Chatterjee