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Course image Palliative Medicine 2024
EMUs 2023-24
Broadcast on 21 May 2024


Palliative care emergencies
Professor Paul Coulter

Pain management in palliative care - what are our options?
Professor Marie Fallon

Course image Futuristic Medicine 2024
EMUs 2023-24
Broadcast on 30 April 2024


Technology in clinical medicine
Dr Rachel Sutherland

Course image Maternal Medicine 2024
EMUs 2023-24
Broadcast on 26 March 2024


Maternal medicine on the acute medical take
Dr Beth Routledge

Course image RCPE Hong Kong: Updates in Clinical Medicine 2024
International Medical Updates (IMUs)

Broadcast on 02 May 2024


The Success Story of Peritoneal Dialysis in Hong Kong
Professor Cheuk Chun Szeto

Course image RCPE Kenya: Updates in Diabetes 2024
International Medical Updates (IMUs)

Broadcast on 4 April 2024


Evolution of diabetes care in Kenya
Professor Nancy Kunyiha

Diabetic foot care
Fabian Collis

Type 1 diabetes care
Dr Mohamed Gaman

Course image Alcohol and Substance Use: busting myths and finding solutions 2024
Public Health / Global Health

 18 April 2024


A European Perspective on Drugs and Alcohol
Ms Maria Neufeld

Scotland's Story
Dr Peter Rice

Case History
Dr Carey Lunan

Foetal alcohol spectrum disorder
Professor Ana Hanlon Dearman

Mental Health
Dr Rebecca Lawrence

Cancer and cardiovascular disease
Professor Tim Stockwell

Liver disease
Dr Ewan Forrest

Alcohol interventions
Professor Julia Sinclair

Barriers and solutions
Dr Alastair MacGilchrist

Clinical presentations in primary and secondary care
Dr Jonathan Brett

Clinical presentations in primary and secondary care
Dr Carey Lunan

What are the drivers of drug deaths (DRD)?
Professor Catriona Matheson

Lessons from an international experience
Dr Jane Mounteney

Bringing evidence and innovation into drug services in Scotland
Dr Saket Priyadarshi

Novel approaches to harm reduction
Dr Jenny Scott

Drug use and the law
Iain H B Smith

Course image Connective Tissues Diseases - Time for Change?
Joint Specialty Symposia

6 June 2024


Antineutrophilic cytoplasmic antibody (ANCA) vasculitis
Dr Stephen McAdoo and Dr Katie Ward

Early years
Dr Sylvia Kamphuis

Immune deficiencies - their range and recognition
Professor Siobhan Burns

Monogenic causes of inflammatory conditions - new kids on the block
Professor Sinisa Savic

Course image Joint Renal and Diabetes/Endocrinology 2024 Symposium
Joint Specialty Symposia

 22 March 2024


Hypertension in chronic kidney disease
Dr Pauline Swift

Pregnancy and diabetic nephropathy
Dr Anita Banerjee

Dr Robert Hunter

Professor Rachel Crowley

Glycaemic management in the dialysis or transplant patient
Professor Tahseen Chowdhury

Course image Professionalism in Medicine: The Challenges of a Consultant
Life as a Consultant

 12 March 2024


Understanding the challenges we face between us
Mrs Brigid Russell

Challenging patients and their families
Dr Kerry McWilliams

The challenging health service
Mr Stuart Fergusson