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Renal Medicine 23 April 2020
Renal Medicine 2019: Nephrology in the 21st Century

Renal Medicine 2019: Nephrology in the 21st Century


Hot topics in RRT
Dr Clara Day

Hot topics in CKD
Dr Charlie Tomson

Live donation: Gold standard or last resort?
Dr Aisling Courtney

Lupus nephritis: Difficult cases
Professor David Jayne and Professor Stewart Fleming

AKI and pregnancy
Dr Kate Wiles

Renal Medicine 2018

Renal Medicine 2018


Post-transplant viral disease in the modern era of immunosuppression
Dr Rachel Hilton

Recurrent disease in kidney transplants
Professor Simon Ball

Cognitive impairment on dialysis
Dr Mark Findlay

Patients on dialysis with frailty
Professor Miles Witham

Sex and kidney failure
Dr Susan Robertson

Renal Medicine 2017

Renal Medicine 2017


An update on IgA nephropathy
Dr Jonathan Barratt

Assessment of immunological risk in kidney transplantation
Dr Nick Torpey

How trials inform the management of diabetic kidney disease
Professor Hiddo Lambers Heerspink

What can big data tell us about AKI?
Dr Samira Bell