Course image Alcohol and Substance Use: busting myths and finding solutions 2024
Public Health / Global Health

 18 April 2024


A European Perspective on Drugs and Alcohol
Ms Maria Neufeld

Scotland's Story
Dr Peter Rice

Case History
Dr Carey Lunan

Foetal alcohol spectrum disorder
Professor Ana Hanlon Dearman

Mental Health
Dr Rebecca Lawrence

Cancer and cardiovascular disease
Professor Tim Stockwell

Liver disease
Dr Ewan Forrest

Alcohol interventions
Professor Julia Sinclair

Barriers and solutions
Dr Alastair MacGilchrist

Clinical presentations in primary and secondary care
Dr Jonathan Brett

Clinical presentations in primary and secondary care
Dr Carey Lunan

What are the drivers of drug deaths (DRD)?
Professor Catriona Matheson

Lessons from an international experience
Dr Jane Mounteney

Bringing evidence and innovation into drug services in Scotland
Dr Saket Priyadarshi

Novel approaches to harm reduction
Dr Jenny Scott

Drug use and the law
Iain H B Smith

Course image Optimising Health across the Life Course
Public Health / Global Health

 19 January 2023


How we start influences how we finish: a life course approach to disease reduction
Dr Valentin Fuster

Does early investment in health produce health gain?
Professor Sir Michael Marmot

A life course approach to intergenerational health
Dr Sarah Verbiest

Avoiding obesity - the place of medical treatments and social prescribing
Christiana Melam

Maximising your gut health
Dr Richard Hansen

Course image The Public's Health after Covid: Science and Social Justice
Public Health / Global Health

14 April 2021


Covid-19: real-time monitoring of Covid-19 in Scotland
Professor Mark Woolhouse

Covid-19: human behaviour from individual frailty to collective resilience
Professor Stephen Reicher

Covid-19: decision-making in public health
Professor Linda de Caestecker

Covid-19: decision-making in clinical practice
Professor Ewen Harrison

Covid-19: Scottish response - past, present and future
Dr Nicholas Phin

Health inequalities and Covid-19
Professor Sir Michael Marmot

Covid-19 and disadvantage
Professor Vittal Katikireddi

Covid-19: opportunities for public health ethics?
Dr ELM Maeckelberghe

Covid-19: opportunities to improve the crisis responses to homelessness
Ewan Aitken

Covid-19: public health messaging during the crisis and looking ahead
Professor Linda Bauld

Course image NHSS Global Citizenship Conference 2020
Public Health / Global Health

03 November 2020


Opening remarks
Professor John Brown CBE

A message from the First Minister of Scotland
Rt Hon Nicola Sturgeon MSP

Quality health services in the COVID-19 world
Dr Shams Syed

Panel discussion: Learning through sharing - Global Citizenship at home and abroad in COVID times
Dr Emily Broadis, Mr Mike McKirdy, Dr Rhona MacDonald, Professor Heather Cubie MBE

A message from the Minister for Europe and International Development
Rt Hon Jenny Gilruth MSP

Learning through action
Professor David Pencheon

A message from the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport
Rt Hon Jeane Freeman MSP

Closing remarks
Professor Angela Thomas, OBE

Course image Health in a Changing Climate - Public Lecture
Public Health / Global Health

28 May 2019


Sir Andy Haines, Professor of Environmental Change and Public Health, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, delivered this Public Lecture on 28 May 2019.

This talk is available to Fellows, Members and the public.