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  • General

    How do I get access to the Education Portal?

    This website is provided as a service to Fellows and Members of RCPE, access to the portal is free for Fellows and Members of RCPE. Membership is free for Medical Students and Foundation Doctors. For details on membership see how to join.

    All delegates who attend select symposia will normally be offered time-limited 'Delegate Access' to content following the event (see Delegate Access for further information).

    Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

    The Education Portal offers a number of modules which are CPD approved for distance learning on the Federation of the Royal Colleges of Physicians CPD diary. Users of this diary can register up to 10 approved distance-learning credits as part of the 25 external credits category.

    Up to 10 CPD credits can be recorded as personal credits and this can include content such as the Education Portal's lectures, cases and self-assessments.

    For information on further sources of CPD points please refer to where to get CPD.

    • Login

      RCPE Fellows and Members

      Fellows and Members can now login to the Education Portal using their RCPE account. You can login on the Education Portal or via the Fellows and Members login on RCPE website

      Login details for the Education Portal and the main College website are now the same. Your username will most likely be the email address associated with your RCPE account.

      Forgotten login details

      If you cannot recall your RCPE account password please use the Fellows and Members' forgotten password form.

      If are unable to use the forgotten password form as you no longer have access to the email account associated with your RCPE account please contact the Membership department who will be able to update the email address.

      Other users (including 'Delegate Access')

      If you have an account with the Education Portal and are not an RCPE member please login here using the other users log in.

      Delegate Access

      After attending eligible symposia, delegates who are not RCPE Members will be offered time-limited access to content from the event.

      Delegates will receive an email after the event informing them of when the content will become available and inviting them to register for an account. Delegates who attend multiple events will only need to create an account once.

      If you have setup your Delegate Access account please login using the other users login.

      Forgotten login details

      If you have forgotten your password please use the Other users forgotten password form to request a new one.

      If are unable to use the forgotten password form as you no longer have access to the email account associated with your Other users account please contact:

      • Viewing content

        Lectures after September 2013 are presented in both Adobe Flash and HTML5 - your web browser will choose the most suitable. For information on using an HTML5 compatible browser see 'Best viewing experience'.

        If you are have successfully accessed the site but are experiencing difficulties viewing content please contact It may be useful to let us know what web browser version and operating system version you are using, if you are not sure you can check here.

        Best viewing experience

        To get the most reliable experience from this website we recommend using a modern browser, the table below indicates the minimum browser requirements for this site. To find out what browser you are using at the moment and information on available updates please check here.

        Browser requirements
        Browser Minimum Notes
        Chrome 30 released 2013
        Edge 12 released 2015
        Firefox 25 released 2013
        Internet Explorer 10 released 2012
        Safari 6 released 2012

        Site symbols

        The symbol Self enrolment indicates that registered users may self-enrol to access the content.

        The symbol Self enrolment indicates that registered users who have been given a key may self-enrol to access the content.

        The symbol Guest access requires password indicates that guests who have been given a separate code may access the content.

        The symbol Guest access indicates that guests may access the content, guest access is free. When trying to access any available content you will automatically be logged in.

        Select the Summary symbol to preview content.