• Computer setup

    • Use a wired connection if possible.

      To free up processor resources for videoconferencing, try to reduce the number of programmes and browser tabs you have open.

      Windows laptop users can boost processor power available, however this could result in increased fan noise which may be picked up by the microphone - Optimise the power mode

      An untimely computer update can be prevented – Pause Windows Updates for 7 days

    • WiFi

      Ask people using the WiFi to avoid any bandwidth intensive services (streaming, online gaming).

      For optimum performance try to have line-of-sight with your router.

      Consider actively switch WiFi off on other devices (even when not in use a router will try to maintain an active connection with multiple devices). If there are fewer to connect to then the router can offer a stronger connection to just yours.

      Avoid using a microwave.

    • Microphone


      Start Menu > type 'Sounds' > Click 'Sound Settings' > Under 'Input' you can click 'Device Properties' and adjust microphone volume.


      Select Apple > System Preferences… > Sound > Input, where settings can be adjusted.

    • Browser

      It is preferable if you can install Webex meeting centre or Zoom when prompted.

      If you are unable to install and want to join a meeting via a web browser we would recommend using a Chromium-based browser (Chrome, Edge, Brave).