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    • Copyright

      As outlined in the Copyright section, use of copyright images may be covered by UK Law exceptions when used for educational purposes (if ‘fair dealing’).

      However, for peace of mind, there are two main alternatives: Creative Commons and Public Domain images.

      Creative Commons (CC): CC licences are used by media owners as an alternative to copyright, giving broader rights for reuse and adaption. There are six CC licences based on four conditions. Ensure you only use images as per the licence conditions and attribute the source appropriately.

      Public Domain: These images are not under copyright (for example, because copyright has expired). No permission is required for reuse. Although not required, attribution and a statement that the image is in the Public Domain is good practice.

      Where to find images

      Remember to check the terms of use for any image you find, as these will vary. You should always acknowledge/attribute your sources appropriately.

      The following are helpful resources and repositories for finding images:

      Creative Commons Search

      Creative Commons Search searches for CC licensed and Public Domain images across multiple sources (including Flickr and Wikimedia Commons).

      Check conditions of the CC licence and ensure that you attribute the source appropriately.

      Disclaimer:Please note that CC does not verify whether the images are properly CC licensed, or whether the attribution and other licensing information we have aggregated is accurate or complete. Please independently verify the licensing status and attribution information before reusing the content” (Source: CC Search).

      Open Attribute is a browser add-on allowing you to copy and paste attribution for any CC licensed work.


      Open-i® is an Open Access Biomedical Image Search Engine provided by the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

      SMART Servier Medical ART

      SMART Servier Medical ART is Creative Commons medical images library for illustrating your publications and Powerpoint presentations

      Google Images

      Go to Google Images > Enter search term > Click Tools below the search box > Select the appropriate level of permission in the Usage Rights drop-down menu.

      Bing Images

      Go to Bing Images > Enter search term > Click Licence below the search box (you may have to select Filter on the right to be able to see this) > Select the appropriate level of permission.

      Public Domain images

      Pixabay and PublicDomainPictures.net are repositories of Public Domain images, although terms of use may still apply so be sure to check these.

      Image collections

      You should always check individual image properties/metadata for licensing information and acknowledge appropriately.

      HEAL Collection: Medical images

      Servier Medical Art: Medical diagrams

      Public Health Image Library (PHIL): Public health images

      CSIRO scienceimage: Scientific images