• Publication materials

    • Your own unpublished, original work can be shared as you wish.

      Use of figures/tables

      RCPE does not own a Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) Licence, and therefore use of figures or tables should be sought from the relevant journal/publisher.

      If tables or figures come from your own or a colleague’s research that has been published in a journal, any publishing agreement should be checked to see if/how the content can be (re)used.

      Open Access (OA) journals

      OA journals contain articles made available online free of charge to the reader, with limited restrictions on reuse. The Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) collates OA, peer-reviewed journals.

      Reproduction of tables or figures from OA articles may be permitted. In this case it will state on the article that it is possible to use for commercial purposes. You must still:

      • Include the original figure or table
      • Identify the publisher as the original publisher
      • Give the proper attribution of authorship and citation details as acknowledgement

      However, you cannot assume that this applies to all OA publications, and you must check the terms of conditions of any OA journal and article in question, to ensure that it is possible to use images even for commercial purposes.