• File transfer

    • OneDrive - preferred method

      The event coordinator should provide you with a OneDrive link in the self-recording guidance document they send. Please use this. You can contact cme@rcpe.ac.uk if you need assistance.

      Alternative methods:


      If your file is less than 10 MB you can attach it to an email (to the coordinator you are in contact with) and please copy in cme@rcpe.ac.uk

      Share a file using cloud storage

      If you have cloud storage share a link with us:


      A very quick simple interface for sending us files of any size.


    • Types of file:


      Common audio file types:

      • mp3
      • aac/m4a
      • wav
      • flac


      Common video file types:

      • mp4 / m4v
      • mkv
      • webm