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    • Functional Neurological Disorders

      Dr Jonathan Bardgett talks to Dr Ingrid Hoeritzauer about functional neurological disorders, how to diagnose them and discuss the positive features necessary to make a diagnosis with patients and their families.

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      Recognising and explaining functional neurological disorder



      Published: 12 April 2020

    • Hyperglycaemia Within the Acute Setting

      Dr Rachel Sutherland interviews Professor Mark Strachan about how to approach the hyperglycaemic patient who presents in the acute receiving unit.

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      Professor Mark Strachan is a Consultant Physician in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Acute Medicine at the Western General Hospital, Edinburgh and Honorary Professor of the University of Edinburgh.

      Dr Sutherland is a Consultant in Stroke and General Medicine in the South East of Scotland. She has an interest in integrated, real time analytics and spent some time outside of medicine working as a medical informaticist. She is a passionate advocate for Flexible working and training for doctors.

      Published: 29 March 2021

    • C-Peptide for Physicians

      Dr Rachel Sutherland talks to Professor Mark Strachan about C-Peptide, and how it can be used to help identify the underlying cause of diabetes.

      Professor Strachan is a Consultant Physician in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Acute Medicine at the Western General Hospital, Edinburgh and Honorary Professor of the University of Edinburgh.

      Published: 15 March 2020

    • Leadership in the Acute Medical Unit

      In this episode Dr Claire Gordon talks about 'Leadership and management in the Acute Medical Unit' with Dr Jonathan Bardgett. Dr Gordon is an Acute Medical Consultant working South East Scotland. She shares her experience of leadership and management during the COVID-19 pandemic and discusses working with Acute Internal Medicine.

      Published: 1 March 2021

    • Being Trans in the NHS

      In this episode Dr Xan Hughes (pronouns they/them) talks to Dr David Ryan (pronouns he/him) about being an openly transgender doctor working in the NHS. The topics covered include an introduction to some common terminology relevant to talking about trans healthcare and about how easy changes to practices can help both trans colleagues and patients have a better experience.

      Pronoun Awareness Poster

      Published: 22 February 2021

      Dr Xan Hughes

      Dr Xan Hughes, is a Foundation year two doctor working at a large London teaching hospital. Their research interests include barriers to healthcare and widening access especially to preventative care.

    • Obstetric Medicine in the Acute Medical Unit

      Dr Dominique Baker gives us an overview of acute medical problems in pregnancy, we talk about the clinical assessment and multidisciplinary management of these patients.

      Maternity Early Warning Score
      Prescribing in pregnancy (BUMPS)

      Published: 15 February 2021

      Dr Dominique Baker

      Dr Dominique Baker is a senior Registrar in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in the South East of Scotland Deanery

    • Pulmonary Embolism

      This episode of Clinical Conversations is with Dr James Tiernan, a Respiratory Consultant in South East Scotland. He talks about the investigation and management of acute pulmonary embolism and the follow up of this disease in the current COVID-19 pandemic.

      PE Wells Score

      Simplified Geneva Score

      NICE Guidelines

      Published: 1 February 2021

      Dr James Tiernan


    • How to be a nutrition champion

      In this episode Dr Jonathan Bardgett and Dr Francesca Moroni discuss the importance of recognising and treating malnutrition in the acutely ill patient. This podcast offers practical advice on assessing malnourished patients and provides an overview on available interventions from simple dietary adjustments to artificial feeding. Particular interest is posed on recognising patient at risk of refeeding syndrome and how to prevent it. A multidisciplinary approach to the malnourished patient is key in the successful management of malnutrition with specific focus on the fundamental role of the dieticians.

      MUST Tool

      Reefeeding risks: National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. Nutrition support in adults. Clinical guideline 32

      Moroni F, Metcalfe E, McKinlay A. Assessing the nutritional status of an acutely ill patient. BMJ 2017; 357 (Published 31 May 2017)

      MARSIPAN Guidelines

      Published: 18 January 2021

      Dr Francesca Moroni


    • Resilience

      Dr Addy McLeod and Dr Paul Coulter discuss the importance of resilience training and mental wellbeing for a successful career. Dr Coulter shares his experience of a holistic approach to building resilience and confidence.

      Stories from Patient Voices open workshops

      Help me! I'm only human... | Adam Crizzle | TEDx

      Published: 7 December 2020

      Dr Paul Coulter


      Dr Addy McLeod Dr Addy McLeod is a senior geriatrics registrar in the North East Deanery and Chair of the Trainees and Members Committee at the Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh.
    • An Update on Atrial Fibrillation

      In this episode Dr Colin Stirrat gives us an overview of the updated clinical guidelines on the assessment and management of patients with atrial fibrillation.

      European Society of Cardiology Guidelines

      We discuss the recommended integrated approach to managing AF patients with stroke prevention, better symptom control and risk factors evaluation and management.

      Published: 16 November 2020

      Dr Colin Stirrat

      Consultant Cardiologist at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh

      Dr Anda Bularga

      I am currently a clinical research fellow in Cardiovascular Science at the University of Edinburgh. I am a co-opted member of the RCPE Trainees and Members Committed and have been working as part of the Education workstream over the past few months.

    • Shocked Patient

      In this episode of Clinical Conversations Dr Tina Ryan and Dr Brain discuss the clinical assessment and management of critically unwell patients. This podcast covers some key aspects in these patients' care such as the importance of monitoring, fluid resuscitation, referral to Intensive Care Unit and life support.

      Published: 2 November 2020

      Dr Neil Brain

      Senior Intensive Care Specialist Registrar in the West of Scotland

      Dr Tina Ryan

      Senior Geriatric Medicine Registrar in the West of Scotland

    • Cancer of Unknown Primary

      In this episode of 'Clinical Conversations' Dr Ailsa Oswald, our Vice Chair for Education and Oncology Trainee, interviews Dr Mark Stares, Senior Oncology Registrar in NHS Lothian.

      They discuss in depth the topic of 'Cancer of Unknown Primary' and give some useful insights on the latest evidence on investigating, managing, and caring for oncology patients in whom the primary tumour is not identified.

      Published: 19 October 2020

      Dr Mark Stares

      Senior Oncology Registrar in NHS Lothian

      Dr Ailsa Oswald

      Vice Chair for Education and Oncology Trainee

    • Quality Improvement: Why and How?

      Dr Tina Ryan and Dr Greg Waddell discuss quality improvement (QI) projects, the difference between clinical audits and QI projects, how to approach, and to avoid the pitfalls. QI projects are an annual requirement for trainees to undertake towards their ARCP.

      Published: 5 October 2020

      Dr Greg Waddell

      Dr Waddell is a Geriatric Medicine Consultant, QI Lead, and Scottish Quality and Safety Fellow.

      Dr Tina Ryan

      Dr Ryan is a Geriatric Medicine Registrar in the West of Scotland

    • Social Isolation and the Impacts on Healthcare

      Dr Adelina Mcleod and Dr Alisha Khanna discuss the prevalence of social isolation in an ageing population, the impacts of COVID-19 on Geriatric Medicine, and how hospital-based care could change to better support elderly patients.

      Published: 21 September 2020

      Dr Alisha Khanna Dr Ailish Nimmo

      Dr Khanna has just completed FY1, now an FY2 working in London.

      Dr Adelina Mcleod Dr Nicola Robinson

      Dr Mcleod is Chair or the RCPE T&MC committee, and specialty trainee in geriatrics with a specialist interest in cognition and delirium.

    • PACES in the COVID era

      In this episode Dr Paolo d'Arienzo and Dr Nicola Robinson discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the MRCP(UK) PACES exam and what changes candidates can expect.

      More information on PACES and RCPE Diploma Ceremonies.

      Published: 7 September 2020

      Dr Paolo d'Arienzo Dr Ailish Nimmo

      Dr d'Arienzo is a CT2 IM Trainee at Barts Health NHS Trust, London, and a junior member of the RCPE Trainees and Members’ Committee.

      Dr Nicola Robinson Dr Nicola Robinson

      Dr Robinson is a clinical research fellow and ST6 in Respiratory and General Medicine, MRCPUK trainee representative for PACES, and is Vice Chair of the RCPE Trainee and Members' Committee.

    • Proteinuria and Nephrotic Syndrome

      In this episode Dr Ailish Nimmo is joined by Dr Wilf Okoroafor, a senior renal registrar in Bristol with a keen interest in clinical education. They discuss the investigations and management of patients with proteinuria

      Published: 24 August 2020

      Dr Ailish Nimmo Dr Ailish Nimmo

      I am a renal registrar and current clinical research fellow based at Bristol University working within Population Health Sciences. I've really enjoyed being on the Trainees and Members Committee for the past 3 years and am looking forward to listening to this new podcast series.

      Dr Wilf Okoroafor Dr Wilf Okoroafor

      ST6 Renal/GIM Registrar at Southmead Hospital, Bristol. Keen interest in clinical education and has completed a PGCert in Clinical education at University of Exeter.

    • Medical training: changes, progress and tips

      Dr Baker joins us for an interesting discussion on training, changes over time and some practical advice regarding Internal Medicine Training and the application process.

      If you want to find out more information about IMY3 application process please follow this link: https://www.imtrecruitment.org.uk/imy3/overview/

      Published: 10 August 2020 | Recorded: 3 August 2020

      Dr Anda Bularga Dr Anda Bularga

      I am currently a clinical research fellow in Cardiovascular Science at the University of Edinburgh. I am a co-opted member of the RCPE Trainees and Members Committed and have been working as part of the Education workstream over the past few months.

      Dr Kerri Baker Dr Kerri Baker

      After graduation from the University of Dundee in 2003, I completed most of my postgraduate training in Lothian and Fife, joining the RCPE Trainees and Members' Committee in 2007 and subsequently chairing this and the Scottish Academy Trainee Doctors' Group.

      I have now been a Consultant in Acute and General Medicine in Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy, for almost a decade. During this time I have become co-Training Programme Director for IMT, CMT and GIM in South East Scotland as well as being closely involved in the recruitment and support of Clinical Fellows in NHS Fife.

      I am passionate about support and standards in postgraduate medical education and training and honoured to have been invited to talk about this with the T&MC.