Saturday, 13 August 2022, 7:21 PM
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Francesco Castelli

Professor Francesco CastelliProfessor Francesco Castelli, Professor of Infectious Diseases, University of Brescia, Italy


Gavin Langlands

Dr Gavin LanglandsResearch Registrar & Trainees and Members' Committee (T&MC)

RCPE Profile

Graham Ellis

Professor Graham Ellis

Professor Graham Ellis, National Clinical Advisor for Ageing and Health to CMO, The Health and Social Care Directorate, The Scottish Government.

Graham Nimmo

Dr Graham NimmoDr Graham Nimmo

Physician and Intensivist, and Programme Director MSc in Critical Care, University of Edinburgh

Gregor McNeill

Dr Gregor McNeillClinical Lead for Critical Care, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh


Hugh Montgomery

Professor Hugh MontgomeryProfessor Hugh Montgomery

UCL Professor of Intensive Care Medicine, Consultant Intensivist, Director for Research and Innovation & Head, Centre for Human Health and Performance


Ian Currie

Mr Ian CurrieConsultant Transplant Surgeon, Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh


James Chalmers

Professor Peter Horby Professor James Chalmers

British Lung Foundation Chair of Respiratory Medicine, Ninewells Hospital & University of Dundee

Jamie Davies

Professor Jamie DaviesProfessor of Experimental Anatomy, University of Edinburgh

Jane Rimer

Dr Jane Rimer

Consultant Physician and Geriatrician, St John's Hospital, Livingston