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D. Robin Taylor

Professor Robin TaylorConsultant Respiratory Physician, Wishaw General,

NHS Lanarkshire

Danielle Jeffreys

Dr Danielle JeffreysClinical Teaching Fellow & ST5 in Respiratory Medicine, Raigmore Hospital, Inverness

David Dockrell

Professor David DockrellChair of Infection Medicine, Centre for Inflammation Research, University of Edinburgh

David Ferenbach

Dr David FerenbachWellcome Trust Intermediate Clinical Fellow, University of Edinburgh

David Griffith

Dr David GriffithSenior Lecturer in Anaesthesia and Critical Care, Edinburgh Royal Infirmary and Programme Director of MSc in Critical Care

David Reay

Professor David ReayProfessor of Carbon Management, University of Edinburgh

Deans Buchanan

Dr Deans BuchananConsultant in Palliative Medicine and Lead Clinician, NHS Tayside and Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership

Derek Bell

Professor Derek Bell OBEPresident, RCPE (2014-2020)

Donald Macaskill

Donna Zulman

Dr Donna ZulmanAssistant Professor, Division of Primary Care and Population Health, Stanford University School of Medicine

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