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James Chalmers

Professor Peter Horby Professor James Chalmers

British Lung Foundation Chair of Respiratory Medicine, Ninewells Hospital & University of Dundee

Jamie Davies

Professor Jamie DaviesProfessor of Experimental Anatomy, University of Edinburgh

Jane Rimer

Dr Jane Rimer

Consultant Physician and Geriatrician, St John's Hospital, Livingston

Janine Hawkins

Dr Janine HawkinsSenior Research Fellow, University of Hertfordshire

Jean MacLeod

Dr Jean MacLeodDirector of Quality, Research and Standards, RCPE

Jeremy Hughes

Professor Jeremy Hughes

Director of Education, RCPE
Chair of Experimental Nephrology, University of Edinburgh

RCPE Profile

John Budd

Dr John BuddDirector of Scottish Drugs Forum, and GP at Edinburgh Access Practice (EAP), Co-ordinator with Lothian Deprivation Interest Group, and Chair of the board of directors of North Edinburgh Drug and Alcohol Centre

Jonathan Fallowfield

Professor Jonathan FallowfieldProfessor of Translational Liver Research, University of Edinburgh and Honorary Consultant Hepatologist, Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh

Jonathan Murray

Dr Jonathan MurrayConsultant Nephrologist, South Tees Hospitals NHS Trust

Julia Anderson

Dr Julia AndersonConsultant Haematologist, NHS Lothian & Honorary Senior Lecturer, University of Edinburgh

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