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Course image Respiratory Medicine 2022
EMUs 2022-23
Broadcast 13 December 2022


Pneumothorax – acute management update
Dr Andrew Stanton

Obstructive sleep apnoea - who needs priority referral?
Dr Sophie West

COPD: when to ventilate?
Dr Sophie West

Course image Geriatric Medicine 2022
EMUs 2022-23
Broadcast 22 November 2022


Assessing frailty in MAU
Dr Sarah Turpin

Hospital at home - Complex care and end of life care
Professor Adam Gordon

Mood and Memory
Dr Katherine Paramore

Course image Diabetes & Endocrinology 2022
EMUs 2022-23
Broadcast 25 October 2022


Endocrine causes of hypertension
Dr Marie Freel

Managing diabetes in the AMU
Professor Mark Strachan

An update on calcium disorders
Dr Rachel Crowley

Course image Renal Medicine 2022
EMUs 2022-23
Broadcast 27 September 2022


An update on renal vasculitis
Dr Neeraj Dhaun

Chronic kidney health
Dr Jane Goddard

Course image Predicaments in Palliative Medicine
EMUs 2021-22

Broadcast 21 June 2022


Pain management in palliative medicine - complex pain and interventions
Dr Alison Mitchell

Prognostication in advanced cancer
Professor Patrick Stone

Course image A run-through of Rheumatology
EMUs 2021-22

Broadcast 24 May 2022


Understanding biologics and targeted synthetic disease modifying drugs
Dr Nicola Gullick

Clinical Cases in Rheumatology
Dr Helen Harris

Osteoporosis - the importance of a holistic approach
Professor David Reid

Course image Maternal Medicine, Paediatrics & Genetics - an overview for the general medic
EMUs 2021-22

Broadcast 26 April 2022


Acute medical problem in pregnancy
Dr Anne Armstrong

Transitions: from paediatric care to adult medicine
Dr Una MacFadyen

Diagnosis and Treatment in Clinical Genetics - it just keeps getting better and better
Dr Jonathan Berg

Course image Getting to Grips with Gastroenterology 2022
EMUs 2021-22

Broadcast 22 March 2022


Acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding: initial assessment and management
Dr Sarah Hearnshaw

What's new in IBD?
Dr Daniel Gaya

Liver regeneration, cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma
Dr Tom Bird

Course image When to call the surgeon or radiologist? The Medics guide 2022
EMUs 2021-22

Broadcast 22 February 2022


Not just black and white: perfusion in neuroimaging
Dr Derek Smith

Abdominal pain - is it surgical?
Ms Nikola Henderson

The swollen painful joint - when to call the orthopod and what they want to know
Mr Jamie Nicholson

Course image Cardiology Conundrums 2022
EMUs 2021-22

Broadcast 25 January 2022


Diagnosis and management of heart failure
Dr Alan Japp

Acute management of life threatening arrhythmias
Dr Anna Marie Choy

Course image RCPE Malta: Updates in Clinical Medicine 2022
International Medical Updates (IMUs)

Broadcast on 17 November 2022


Adult Congenital Heart Disease
Dr Maryanne Caruana

myHealth: the journey to develop a national patient portal
Dr Hugo Agius Muscat

The coagulopathy of liver disease - from bench to bedside
Professor Alexander Gatt

Course image RCPE Bangladesh: Updates in Infectious Diseases 2022
International Medical Updates (IMUs)

Broadcast on 27 July 2022


Challenges in the management of Tuberculosis
Professor Rubina Yasmin

Extrapulmonary Tuberculosis and beyond
Professor Khan Abul Kalam Azad

Course image RCPE India: Updates in Clinical Medicine 2022
International Medical Updates (IMUs)

Broadcast on 14 July 2022


New Translational Insights on Metabolic Syndrome: Obesity, Hypertension, Diabetes and beyond
Professor Jugal Kishor Sharma

Approach to pulmonary TB in the MDR era
Dr Sushmita Roy Chowdhury

Tropical Rheumatology with global relevance
Professor Vinod Ravindran

Course image RCPE Iceland: The problems and pitfalls of modern medical prescribing - lessons for the on-call medic 2022
International Medical Updates (IMUs)

Broadcast on 09 May 2022


Adverse drug effects of new T2DM medication - Case Study
Dr Marta Olafsdottir

Diabetes: Use and side effects of SGLT-2 inhibitors
Professor Rafn Benediktsson

Immune checkpoint inhibitors and their side effects
Dr Sigurdis Haraldsdottir

Case Study
Dr Sæmundur Rögnvaldsson

Case Study
Dr Ólafur Orri Sturluson

Course image RCPE Malaysia: Updates in Clinical Medicine 2022
International Medical Updates (IMUs)

Broadcast on 09 March 2022


How I manage headache
Dr Nagappan Sethuraman

Bedside Ultrasound - retiring the stethoscope
Dr Paras Doshi

10 critical ECGs that a physician should not miss
Dr Lim Chiao Wen

Course image RCPE Pakistan: Updates in Clinical Medicine 2022
International Medical Updates (IMUs)

Broadcast on 27 January 2022


A week in the Infectious Diseases Clinic in Pakistan: Trials, Tribulations, and Triumphs
Dr Faisal Mahmood

Cancer Care in Pakistan
Dr Neelam Siddiqui

Diabetes Kaleidoscope - Past, Present and Future of Diabetes Management in Pakistan
Dr Syed Abbas Raza

Course image Acute Medicine: St Andrew's Day 2022
Acute Medicine: St Andrew's Day

24-25 November 2022

Day 1

Can we fix it? Recurrent infections and antimicrobial stewardship
Dr Morgan Evans

Preserved ejection fraction heart failure – when to call the cardiologist
Dr Alan Japp

Covid-19 outcomes based on ethnicity and gender
Professor Vittal Katikireddi

COVAX and vaccine equity: lessons learnt
Dr Ayoade Alakija

Differential attainment in healthcare workforce education and training in the UK
Professor Mala Rao

Nephrotic syndrome: primary and secondary
Professor Georgi Abraham

Diarrhoea at the front door: updates in inflammatory bowel disease
Dr Elaine Robertson

Medical and surgical challenges of the bariatric patient
Mr Andrew Robertson

Day 2

Use of non-invasive ventilation in acute and chronic respiratory failure (COPD and Sleep Apnoea)
Dr Patrick Murphy

Front door frailty and realistic medicine in action
Dr Rowan Wallace

High yield radiology at the front door
Dr Simon Jackson

Adverse childhood experiences
Professor Sir Harry Burns

Healthcare for prisoners
Dr Craig Sayers

Be aware of the rare: how not to miss inherited metabolic disorders in adults
Dr Eve Miller-Hodges

Maternal medicine – how to keep your NEWS lower than the patient
Professor Catherine Nelson-Piercy

SGLT-2 inhibitors (glofizins) – should we put them in tap water?
Dr Gemma Currie

Complications from contemporary cancer treatments
Dr Ninian Lang

Course image Cardiology 2022

26 October 2022


Cardiovascular disease prevention
Professor Naveed Sattar

Dr Arjun Ghosh

How to prescribe and manage patients on SGLT2 inhibitors
Dr Nicola Zammitt

Course image Diabetes & Endocrinology 2022
Diabetes and Endocrinology

6 October 2022


How do I assess and manage a new foot ulcer?
Dr Graham Leese

Managing complications following bariatric surgery
Professor Tricia Tan

Management of heart failure: when to consider a SGLT2 inhibitor
Professor Pardeep Jhund

How I manage oncology patients on immunotherapy at risk of endocrine dysfunction
Dr Safwaan Adam

How I manage patients undergoing adrenalectomy
Dr Marie Freel

Course image 100 Years of Insulin
Diabetes and Endocrinology

28 January 2022


JJR Macleod: co-discoverer of insulin and unsung hero
Dr Ken McHardy

Living with type 1 diabetes; reflections through the years
Dr Deborah Wake

Development of the first insulin pen device
Dr Sheila Reith

Immunomodulation and the prevention of type 1 diabetes
Professor Colin Dayan

Course image Gastroenterology 2022

16 November 2022


Early detection of liver disease
Professor John Dillon

Cytosponge: integrating a non-invasive test for Barrett's oesophagus into clinical care
Mr Paul Glen

Nutritional aspects of functional GI disease: a case based discussion
Dr Asma Fikree

Clinical conundrums in coeliac disease (CD)
Dr Helen Gillett

Course image Medicine of Older People 2022
Geriatric Medicine

11 March 2022


How can we ‘get it right first time’ for older people?
Dr Adrian Hopper

Organisational, social and cultural determinants of healthcare delivery for older people
Professor Paul Gray

Parkinson’s disease (PD) and acute illness
Dr Edward Richfield

Dr Veronica Lyell

Dr Neeraj Bhala

End stage renal disease
Professor Edwina Brown

Course image Infectious Diseases 2022 - Beyond Antibiotics: A Preventative Approach to Infectious Diseases
Infectious Diseases

21 November 2022


Bacterial genomics in clinical practice
Professor Matthew Holden

What can virus genomics tell us about vaccine responses and schedules?
Professor Emma Thomson

Monkeypox - a new STI?
Dr Michael Marks

Universal paediatric immunology - how do the vaccines work and what impacts should we be aiming for?
Professor Adam Finn

What evidence-based changes have informed current infection control policy?
Emma Hooker

Course image Medical Trainees' Conference 2022: Top Tips for the On-Call Medic
Medical Trainees' Conference

21 January 2022


Tackling a storm – managing endocrine emergencies
Dr Catherine Napier

A colitis crisis – IBD flares and their assessment and management
Dr Husnain Jafferbhoy

Reducing disability – thrombectomy for acute stroke
Dr Ivan Wiggam

Personalised medicine in Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Dr Nuru Noor

Teasing apart tuberculosis – TB on the medical take
Dr Tino Capocci

Misbehaving nephrons – assessing and managing acute kidney injury
Dr Samira Bell

It's just skin, what's the emergency?
Professor Minal Singh

Pyrexia of unknown origin: an unusual case
Dr Jennifer Grewar

Riddle me this: Low sodium, high BP & low GCS? Now place your bets!
Dr Alisa Angus

A prospective audit of bed utilisation and delays in care across London
Dr Milla Marinova

Course image Neurology 2022

10 November 2022


Status epilepticus – what is new and why
Professor Hannah Cock

Update on headache
Dr Pooja Dassan

Update on multiple sclerosis
Dr Waqar Rashid

Peripheral neuropathy
Dr Kathryn Brennan

How to solve it! A neuropsychiatric approach to functional neurological disorders
Professor Alan Carson

Tropical neurology
Professor Thashi Chang

Course image Renal Medicine 2022

29 April 2022


Assessment of chronic kidney disease (CKD)
Dr Navdeep Tangri

Glomerulonephritis: tips and tricks for the non-nephrologist
Professor Neil Turner

Anaemia of kidney disease
Professor Sunil Bhandari

The sodium-glucose cotransporter-2 (SGLT2) inhibitor revolution – relevant to everyone
Dr Gemma Currie​, Dr Natalie Mordi, Professor John McMurray

The Covid-19 pandemic - lessons from the kidney community
Dr Michelle Willicombe

Course image Respiratory Medicine 2022

20 May 2022


25 years: The changing face of severe asthma management (as seen by a has been!)
Dr Rob Niven

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) cohort data
Professor Wisia Wedzicha

Covid-19 and Covid recovery: working together across sectors
Professor Linda Bauld OBE

The national optimum lung cancer pathway
Professor David Baldwin

Integrated care in respiratory medicine
Dr Binita Kane

Course image Changing times for tuberculosis: building on Sir John Crofton's legacy

08 April 2022


TB control in Scotland: a perspective from the past
Chris Holme

The impact of COVID-19 on TB control
Professor Adeeba Kamarulzaman

What's new: progress in management of TB in children
Dr Liz Whittaker

What's new: progress in the treatment of drug susceptible TB
Professor Martin Boeree

What's new: progress in the treatment of drug resistant TB
Dr Francesca Conradie

The challenges of providing TB care: a specialist nurse perspective
Ceri McSparron

The challenges of providing TB care: a patient perspective
Susan Vaughan

Course image Long-term Impact of COVID on our Patients, our Workforce & our Healthcare Systems

 30 July 2022

Joint Hong Kong College of Physicians and RCPE Symposium


The Pandemic in Hong Kong – where we are now
Dr Kai-ming Chow

The Pandemic in Scotland – where we are now
Professor Linda Bauld OBE

Long Covid – One Doctor’s Personal Experience
Dr. Marie-Claire Grounds

Impact of COVID on Healthcare Workforce
Professor Chak-sing Lau

Impact of COVID on Healthcare System in Hong Kong
Dr Tony Pat-sing Ko

Impact of COVID on Healthcare System in Scotland
Professor Sir Gregor Smith

Course image Top Tips for New Junior Doctors
Medical Careers

How to survive your first week
Dr Jessica Selwood

Mastering the curriculum
Dr Gabriella Woodward-Smith

The jobs of a new doctor
Dr Vig Kandasamy

Who do I turn to for help?
Dr Jess McNiff


FY1 top tips: how to survive your first day as an FY1
Dr Libby Sampey

FY1 top tips: practical advice and portfolio
Dr Ronak Shah

How to deal with deteriorating patients
Dr Marilena Giannoudi

Thriving beats surviving: navigating your first year as a doctor
Dr Charlotte Squires

Q&A discussion
Dr Libby Sampey, Dr Ronak Shah, Dr Marilena Giannoudi, Dr Charlotte Squires. Chair: Dr Georgina Phillips


Top Tips for an FY1
Dr Georgina Phillips

Practicalities of managing acutely unwell patients, more than ABCDE
Dr Jonathan Bardgett

From Student Doctor to Doctor
Dr Alan MacKenzie

Q&A discussion
Dr Georgina Phillips, Dr Jonathan Bardgett, Dr Alan MacKenzie. Chair: Dr Victoria Moffat


Top tips for FY1s
Dr Christopher Holt

Managing the acutely unwell patient
Dr Danielle Jeffreys

Transitioning from student to doctor: top tips for keeping a healthy work life balance
Dr Patrice Baptiste


Top tips for FY1: A personal perspective
Dr Jonathan Kang

Managing unwell patients: Tips for your first on-call shifts
Dr Nicola Robinson

FY1: Managing the transition from student to doctor - learning to learn while working
Dr Fiona Cameron

Course image Claiming back tax from professional expenses for doctors
Medical Careers

This guide is intended for doctors working and paying tax in the UK and Northern Ireland. It does not constitute professional financial advice and is for guidance only.

Course image ‘To treat or not to treat’: what principles can we use to guide us when navigating difficult treatment decisions
Life as a Consultant

08 November 2022


Case study 1: Lithium-induced diabetes insipidus
Dr Craig Thurtell

Capacity, treating medical problems in patients with mental illness
Dr Roger Smyth

Supporting patients who are challenging detention through a legal representative: a medico-legal perspective
Dr John Holden

Panel Discussion for Case study 1

Case Study 2: Clinically assisted nutrition and hydration in a patient with significant traumatic brain injury and limited awareness
Dr Kevin Conroy

Sarah Smith

Dr Antonia Karus-McElvogue

Panel discussion for Case Study 2

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