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Palpitations 2018

Palpitations 2018


How to approach palpitation
Dr Anne Scott

Palpitations and anti-arrhythmics
Dr Christopher Lang

Update on anticoagulation in AF
Dr Ashley Nisbet

Category: Palpitations
Rash, Limb Pain and Swelling 2020

Rash, Limb Pain and Swelling 2020


Red legs – when it’s not cellulitis
Dr Elaine Hindle

Leg attack and foot sepsis
Mr Russell Jamieson

Petechial and Purpuric Rashes – Differential Diagnosis and Management
Dr Julia Anderson

Limb Pain/Swelling 2017

Limb Pain/Swelling 2017


DVT: Diagnosis, management and follow-up
Professor Campbell Tait

The persistently swollen leg
Dr Colin Baines

Lymphoedema: An overview
Mr Alex Munnoch

Acute Medicine: St Andrew's Day 2020

Acute Medicine: St Andrew's Day 2020

Day 1

How to manage acute severe and life threatening asthma
Dr Donald Noble

Lung infection: today and tomorrow
Professor James Chalmers

Sepsis: the hidden medical emergency
Dr Monica Doyle

Targeting treatment for COVID-19
Professor Sir Michael Jacobs

Vasculitis for the generalist
Dr Paula Dospinescu

The red leg: assessment in the acute medical unit
Dr Girish Gupta

Day 2

The hypotensive toxic patient
Dr Euan Sandilands

The ECG in the poisoned patient
Professor Michael Eddleston

The behaviourally disturbed patient
Dr Catriona Howes

Dr Nicola Zammitt

Dr Sian Gilchrist

Deranged sodium
Dr Stuart Ritchie

The abnormal potassium
Dr Matt King

Dr Rachel Williamson

The abnormal blood gas
Dr Mark Longshaw

Deranged thyroid function tests
Dr Fraser Gibb

Day 3

Chest pain
Dr Anne Scott

Dr John Davison

Dr Gerry Carr-White

Acute medical problems in pregnancy
Miss Joanna Girling

Oncology emergencies: new drugs, new problems
Professor Ruth Plummer

HIV in the UK
Dr Naomi Bulteel

Reducing admissions and changing behaviours
Dr James Marple

Day 4

Professor Tom Robinson

Intracerebral haemorrhage
Professor Nikola Sprigg

Pain in advanced disease: assessment and management in the Acute Medical Unit
Dr Fiona Finlay

Anticoagulation for venous thromboembolism
Dr Ryan Rodgers

Too much medicine?
Dr Martin Wilson

Cancer of unknown primary
Dr Sally Clive

Dr Fiona Scott

Sexual health in the acute medical unit
Dr Sarah Allstaff

Cardiology 2018

Cardiology 2018


HFpEF: New horizons for diagnosis and treatment
Professor John Cleland

Lipids: From statins to PCSK9 inhibitors
Dr Derek Connolly

Precision medicine and hypertension
Professor Dame Anna Dominiczak

Antithrombotic treatment for AF
Professor Menno Huisman

VTE: Risk-adjusted treatment, secondary prophylaxis
Professor Stavros Konstantinides

Category: Cardiology
Trainees' Conference 2021 - A day in the life of a medical trainee

Trainees' Conference 2021 - A day in the life of a medical trainee


Neurology Clinical Cases: Clinical examination as an important piece of the puzzle
Dr Ingrid Hoeritzauer

Looking affy peely-wally? - the diagnostic approach to anaemia and its management
Dr Sudhir Tauro

Cerebral Small Vessel Disease: More than just an incidental finding?
Dr Una Clancy

Intensive Care Unit: Critical care for medical trainees
Dr John Smith

Frailty at the front door
Dr Rowan Wallace

Cardiology: An afternoon in the Coronary Care Unit
Dr Caroline Scally

“It’s always COVID”: Cognitive bias in the COVID-19 pandemic
Dr Ben Thompson & Dr Iyare Nehikhare

A case of disproportionate hypoxia
Dr Sam Sutton

Vague Symptoms: When they shouldn’t be dismissed
Dr Eleanor Gartside

Distinct T-cell immunophenotypic signature in a subset of sarcoidosis patients with arthritis
Dr Avinash Jain

Stroke Medicine 2018

Stroke Medicine 2018


Mechanical thrombectomy for acute ischaemic stroke
Professor Phil White

Management of ICH
Dr Adrian Parry-Jones

PFO and cryptogenic stroke:
(When) should we close the hole?

Dr Nicholas Weir

Oral anticoagulation after ischaemic stroke: When is best?
Professor Urs Fischer

Cognition after stroke: Is decline preventable?
Professor Sarah Pendlebury

Category: Neurology
Neurology Case 2015

Neurology Case 2015

  • Case: Bleeding and stroke | Dr Ann Carson and Dr Tim Cassidy
  • Self-assessment
  • Completion Certificate