Infectious Diseases

Courses tagged with "Infectious Diseases"

  • Diarrhoea in the returning traveller: investigations and management | Dr Oliver Koch
  • IBD - where are we in 2018? | Dr Ally Speight
  • Oncological therapy and colitis | Professor Ruth Plummer
Category: Diarrhoea
  • Fever in returning travellers | Dr Mike Jones
  • Pyrexia of unknown origin | Dr Oliver Koch
  • Update on the management of meningitis | Dr Claire Gordon
Category: Fever
  • Psoriasis: diagnosis and management of psoriasis | Dr Gabrielle Becher
  • Infectious exanthem in adults | Dr Jennifer Crane
  • Drug-induced rashes: common patterns and ones not to miss | Dr Sarah Walsh
Category: Rash
  • The unconscious patient: when to call a neurosurgeon? | Miss Julie Woodfield
  • Suspected meningoencephalitis: management strategies | Dr Andrew Storey
  • Drugs and the unconscious patient | Dr James Dear
Day 1
  • Upper gastrointestinal bleeding | Dr Lyn Smith
  • Toxicology update for the general physician | Dr James Coulson
  • Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA): an update | Dr Nicola Zammitt
  • Anticoagulation – direct oral anticoagulants (DOACs) for everything? | Dr Catherine Bagot
  • Acute oncology emergencies | Dr Pauline Leonard
  • Acute haematological emergencies | Dr Huw Roddie
  • Rashes in the emergency department | Dr Mike Tidman
  • The acute hot joint | Dr Anne McEntegart
  • Functional, not "medically unexplained" symptoms | Dr Ingrid Hoeritzauer
  • Finding the furrow | Dr Dearbhail Lewis
  • Frailty - implications for the modern NHS | Dr Adam Gordon
Day 2
  • When to call the GI surgeon? | Mr Simon Paterson-Brown
  • When to call the urologist? | Mr Ben Thomas
  • When to call the neurosurgeon? | Mr Nigel Suttner
  • The rational physical examination | Professor Andrew Elder
  • Safety is no accident” - lessons for medicine from aviation | Dr Jerry Marsden
  • Rational clinical decision making | Professor Pat Croskerry
  • Novel insights into brain infections and advances in diagnostics approach | Dr Michael Griffiths
  • Antimicrobial stewardship: managing risks and optimising outcomes | Dr Andrew Seaton
  • A case that change my practice | Dr Sue Pound
  • A case that changed my practice | Dr Tom Mackay
  • A tale of two Geoffs | Dr Caroline Whitworth
  • Mitral valve disease in the developing world | Dr Rick Steeds
  • Endocarditis - state of the art 2017 | Dr Susanna Price
  • Cardiac complications of cancer therapeutics: the emergence of cardio-oncology | Dr Alex Lyon
  • 'Troponinitis' - when not to call a raised troponin an acute coronary syndrome? | Dr Stuart Hutcheon
  • Medical emergencies in Adult Congenital Heart Disease (ACHD) | Dr Niki Walker
Category: Cardiology
  • Healthcare in the 4th industrial revolution | Professor Andrew Morris
  • The determinants of disease – lessons from the UK Biobank | Professor Cathie Sudlow
  • Stem cell and other cell therapies for future medicine | Professor Sue Kimber
  • Extremes of human physiology – sorting out adaptive and maladaptive processes | Dr Kenneth Baillie
  • Parkinson’s disease – from the clinic to bench to clinic | Professor Roger Barker
  • The prospects for personalised medicine | Professor Sir Munir Pirmohamed
  • Lighting up the lung | Professor Kev Dhaliwal
  • The superbug and antibiotic resistance | Dr Susan Hopkins
  • Tackling the ageing demographic for the future | Professor Sarah Harper
  • Infectious diseases | Dr Alisdair MacConnachie
  • Heart failure | Dr John Baxter
  • Respiratory medicine update | Dr Richard Stretton
  • Frailty in the emergency department (ED) | Dr Charlotte Bates
  • Frailty in the operating room | Mr Iain McCallum
  • Towards more rational treatment of sepsis | Professor Martin Llewelyn
  • Update on cytomegalovirus (CMV) - what's new in diagnosis, treatment and prevention | Professor Paul Griffiths
  • Biologic agents - not all that glitters is gold | Professor Gerry Davies
  • Cellulitis - how can we do better? | Dr Rebecca Sutherland

Coming soon: Dengue: current challenges and opportunities | Professor Bridget Wills

  • Legal highs and severe bacterial disease - an Edinburgh outbreak | Dr Donald Inverarity
  • Antimicrobial resistance (AMR): behaviour change interventions - can they make a difference? | Dr Timothy Rawson
  • The State of the World's Antibiotics in 2018 | Professor Ramanan Laxminarayan
  • HIV cure - fundamental need or research fantasy? | Professor John Frater
  • Tuberculosis (TB) epidemiology and diagnosis | Dr Timothy Walker
  • Acute bacterial meningitis - what do the new guidelines tell us? | Dr Fiona McGill
  • CNS viral infections in the immunocompetent patient | Dr Nicholas Davies
  • Zika virus: what have we learnt and where are we going? | Dr Susan Hills
  • Bone and joint infection | Dr Bridget Atkins
  • Multi drug resistant gram negative (MDRGN) bacteria...doing the right thing | Dr Mark Gilchrist
  • Oncology: Checking up on checkpoint inhibitors | Dr Anna Olsson-Brown
  • The Social Media Revolution: The opportunities for medicine | Dr Matt Graham-Brown
  • Assessment, classification and outcomes of patients with myocardial injury and infarction | Dr Andrew Chapman
  • Genetics: Genetic data in the medical consultation | Professor Mary Porteous
  • Infectious diseases: Old bugs, new drugs | Dr Alisdair MacConnachie
  • Medical haematology: breaking blood | Dr James Russell
  • Parkinsonian puzzles | Dr Conor Maguire
  • Radiology quiz | Dr George Tse
  • Panel discussion - Improving flexibility in training | Dr Jennifer Lees, Dr Michael Farquhar, Professor Jane Mamelok, Professor Peter Trainer, Professor Derek Bell, Dr Marcus Lyall
  • 18F-Fluoride PET-CT - a novel imaging assessment to predict bioprosthetic valve failure | Dr Timothy Cartlidge
  • Haemoptysis | Dr Anne Jones
  • Demystifying myoclonus | Dr Russell Hewett
  • A near fatal cause of lower back pain | Dr Wan Shun Wong
  • Gut feelings - an interesting differential for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) | Dr Teqwen Ecclestone
  • Sepsis ?Source | Dr Ejaz Rahman
  • Missed opportunities to diagnose syphilis prior to the development of sight-losing uveitis | Dr John Widdrington
  • The WHO and the How | Professor Andrew Pollard
  • Vaccine hesitancy - what, where and why? | Professor Heidi Larson
  • Control of malaria - half way there | Professor Sir Brian Greenwood CBE
  • Syndemics and chronic diseases in South and sub-Saharan Africa | Professor Stephen Tollman
  • Planetary health in the Anthropocene Epoch | Professor Sir Andy Haines
  • Emerging infectious diseases | Professor David Heymann
  • How to eliminate TB by 2050? | Professor Ajit Lalvani
  • Public health challenges in Europe | Professor Martin McKee
  • Migration and health | Dr Alexander van Tulleken
  • Fiscal Policy- Alcohol minimum unit pricing: a tale of two countries | Professor Colin Drummond
  • Post-transplant viral disease in the modern era of immunosuppression | Dr Rachel Hilton
  • Recurrent disease in kidney transplants | Professor Simon Ball
  • Cognitive impairment on dialysis | Dr Mark Findlay
  • Patients on dialysis with frailty | Professor Miles Witham
  • Sex and kidney failure | Dr Susan Robertson
Category: Renal
  • Individualising new treatments | Dr Andrew Menzies-Gow
  • Non asthma symptoms in a severe asthma clinic | Dr Robert Niven
  • Therapeutic bronchoscopy | Professor Pallav Shah
  • The sleepy driver | Dr Kristine Harrison
  • Bronchiectasis | Professor James Chalmers
Category: Respiratory
  • An HIV-positive patient with fever and liver dysfunction? | Dr H Bond, Dr S Ellis, Dr E Ong
  • Self-assessment
  • Completion Certificate
  • Case: Lung cysts: what is the cause? | Dr J Dixon J, Dr DA Price, Dr I Forrest
  • Self-assessment
  • Completion Certificate
  • Acute kidney injury (AKI)
  • Diabetic nephropathy
  • HIV infection and kidney disease
  • Back pain - Case
  • Management of hyperkalaemia - Presentation

Self-assessment questions

  • Bronchiectasis
  • Occupational lung disease
  • Cystic fibrosis (CF)
  • Interstitial lung disease (ILD) - Quiz
  • Breathlessness - Case

Self-assessment questions