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  • Update in inflammatory bowel disease | Dr Sreedhar Subramanian
  • Abdominal pain: a surgical approach | Mr Rajan Ravindran
  • Diagnosis and treatment of irritable bowel syndrome | Dr Jonathan Fletcher
Category: Abdominal Pain
  • Realistic Medicine | Dr Sarah Keir
  • Update on current best practice for end of life | Dr Joanna Bowden
  • Spiritual care: A key component of person-centred care | Mr Paul Graham
Category: Palliative Care
  • Street drugs: What's new and what's to know? | Professor Simon Thomas
  • International weapons - a clear and present danger | Professor Michael Eddleston
  • Is my poisoned patient 'detainable'? | Dr Roger Smyth
Category: Poisoning
  • Towards more rational treatment of sepsis | Professor Martin Llewelyn
  • Update on cytomegalovirus (CMV) - what's new in diagnosis, treatment and prevention | Professor Paul Griffiths
  • Biologic agents - not all that glitters is gold | Professor Gerry Davies
  • Cellulitis - how can we do better? | Dr Rebecca Sutherland

Coming soon: Dengue: current challenges and opportunities | Professor Bridget Wills


Sir Andy Haines, Professor of Environmental Change and Public Health, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, delivered this Public Lecture on 28 May 2019.

This talk is available to Fellows, Members and the public.

  • Hot topics in renal replacement therapy | Dr Clara Day
  • Hot topics in chronic kidney disease | Dr Charlie Tomson
  • Live donation: Gold standard or last resort? - The physician's view | Dr Aisling Courtney
  • Lupus nephritis: difficult cases | Professor David Jayne and Professor Stewart Fleming
  • AKI and pregnancy | Dr Kate Wiles
Category: Renal

Dr Graham Nimmo and Dr Dorothy Armstrong in conversation.

Don’t Take It Personally explores self-care and compassion in the face of complaint, and the power of apology.

  • Top tips for FY1 - a personal perspective | Dr Jonathan Kang
  • Managing unwell patients - tips for your first on-call shifts | Dr Nicola Robinson
  • FY1 - Managing the transition from student to doctor - learning to learn while working | Dr Fiona Cameron
  • Top tips for FY | Dr Chloe Searle
  • On call - Survival Guide | Mr David Watson
  • The NEWS is not a verb. Managing yourself and your patients when everyone seems sick | Dr Nick Lane
  • Panel discussion | Dr Chloe Searle, Mr David Watson, Dr Nick Lane. Chair: Dr Jenny Hall
  • Top Tips for FY1 | Dr Adam Groves
  • Managing the acutely unwell patient: Medical Registrar and Nurse Perspectives | Dr Rebecca Weerakoon and Mr Morgan Downie
  • Physician heal thyself – transitioning from student to doctor | Professor Rona Patey
  • The Internal Medicine Curriculum: What I need to know | Dr Anna Olsson-Brown
  • The future of internal medicine training - A new curriculum for 2019 | Dr Mike Jones
  • IMT discussion | Dr Anna Olsson-Brown and Dr Mike Jones
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