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Hurdles in the HDU

Hurdles in the HDU


The shocked patient
Dr Frauke Weidanz

Escalation decisions - when to, when not to
Mr Lewis Gray

Post ICU discharge - outcomes and experience
Dr Monica Trivedi

RCPE India: Updates in Clinical Medicine 2020

RCPE India: Updates in Clinical Medicine 2020


Pharmacological Management of Heart Failure
Dr Suvro Banerjee

Changing paradigms in Acute Ischemic Stroke Management
Dr P N Renjen

Abnormal LFTs for Physicians
Dr Basant Chaudhury

Do we really need salt in the diet?
Professor Sunil Bhandari

Avoiding poly pharmacy and adverse drug reactions in elderly
Dr Milind Desai

Keeping up With Kidneys 2020

Keeping up With Kidneys 2020


Medical emergencies in the dialysis patient
Dr Siobhan McManus

Hypertension: An update in management
Professor Isla Mackenzie

Multisystem disorders - when to think of vasculitis
Professor David Jayne

Mastering Medicine of the Elderly 2020

Mastering Medicine of the Elderly 2020


Polypharmacy: Balancing medications in frail adults
Dr Martin Wilson

Dizziness in the elderly
Dr Jennifer Harrison

Hospital at home and community care for the elderly
Dr Patricia Cantley

Rash, Limb Pain and Swelling 2020

Rash, Limb Pain and Swelling 2020


Red legs – when it’s not cellulitis
Dr Elaine Hindle

Leg attack and foot sepsis
Mr Russell Jamieson

Petechial and Purpuric Rashes – Differential Diagnosis and Management
Dr Julia Anderson

Acute Medicine: St Andrew's Day 2020

Acute Medicine: St Andrew's Day 2020

Day 1

How to manage acute severe and life threatening asthma
Dr Donald Noble

Lung infection: today and tomorrow
Professor James Chalmers

Sepsis: the hidden medical emergency
Dr Monica Doyle

Targeting treatment for COVID-19
Professor Sir Michael Jacobs

Vasculitis for the generalist
Dr Paula Dospinescu

The red leg: assessment in the acute medical unit
Dr Girish Gupta

Day 2

The hypotensive toxic patient
Dr Euan Sandilands

The ECG in the poisoned patient
Professor Michael Eddleston

The behaviourally disturbed patient
Dr Catriona Howes

Dr Nicola Zammitt

Dr Sian Gilchrist

Deranged sodium
Dr Stuart Ritchie

The abnormal potassium
Dr Matt King

Dr Rachel Williamson

The abnormal blood gas
Dr Mark Longshaw

Deranged thyroid function tests
Dr Fraser Gibb

Day 3

Chest pain
Dr Anne Scott

Dr John Davison

Dr Gerry Carr-White

Acute medical problems in pregnancy
Miss Joanna Girling

Oncology emergencies: new drugs, new problems
Professor Ruth Plummer

HIV in the UK
Dr Naomi Bulteel

Reducing admissions and changing behaviours
Dr James Marple

Day 4

Professor Tom Robinson

Intracerebral haemorrhage
Professor Nikola Sprigg

Pain in advanced disease: assessment and management in the Acute Medical Unit
Dr Fiona Finlay

Anticoagulation for venous thromboembolism
Dr Ryan Rodgers

Too much medicine?
Dr Martin Wilson

Cancer of unknown primary
Dr Sally Clive

Dr Fiona Scott

Sexual health in the acute medical unit
Dr Sarah Allstaff

Challenges and Advances in Cardiology 2020

Challenges and Advances in Cardiology 2020


Evaluation of heart failure
Dr Marianna Fontana

The Ongoing Debate: Medical management versus revascularisation for this patient
Dr Sarah Clarke & Dr Darrel Francis

Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Disease: new bases of early prediction and prevention
Professor Valentin Fuster

Lowering lipids
Professor Kausik Ray

Category: Cardiology
Gastroenterology 2020 and Beyond

Gastroenterology 2020 and Beyond


Inflammatory bowel disease - gearing up for the future
Dr Chris Lamb

Tackling Scotland’s alcohol problem – doing what works
Dr Alastair MacGilchrist

Eosinophilic oesophagitis - recent advances
Professor Stephen Attwood

Patient and lesion selection for endoscopic resection
Dr Siwan Thomas-Gibson

Gastrointestinal adverse effects in cancer treatment
Dr Ana Wilson

Infectious Diseases 2020

Infectious Diseases 2020


Modification of the microbiome using faecal microbiota transplantation
Dr Christopher Green

Emerging concepts in sepsis management
Dr Andrew Conway Morris

The Covid-19 response in Africa: leaving no one behind
Professor Francisca Mutapi

Outbreak of novel respiratory viruses
Dr Jake Dunning

Controlled human infection models as tools in vaccine development
Professor Andrew Pollard

Neurology 2020

Neurology 2020


Inflammatory muscle diseases
Dr James Lilleker

Metabolic muscle diseases
Dr Mark Roberts

Motor neurone disease mechanisms and translational research
Professor Siddharthan Chandran

Modern management of pain
Dr Nick Plunkett

Acute stroke – what should be doing?
Dr Gavin Young

Category: Neurology
A Narrowly Avoided Splenectomy

A Narrowly Avoided Splenectomy

  • Case: A Narrowly Avoided Splenectomy | Dr Agnes Ben Kanu
  • Self-assessment
  • Completion Certificate

Clinical Conundrums

Clinical Conundrums


Short and varied presentations with questions/answers, originally presented at the Western General Hospital, Edinburgh.

Clinical Conversations

Clinical Conversations

A new podcast series from the T&MC. Discussing clinical topics from interesting clinical cases and diagnostic conundrums to updates on clinical guidelines. Relevant for any stage of training and will provide discussion on other related topics such as training, MRCP examinations and QI.

Category: RCPE Podcasts
Social Media in Clinical Practice and the Virtual Consultation

Social Media in Clinical Practice and the Virtual Consultation


How banishing social media helped my wellbeing
Dr Clare Bostock

Positive effects of social media in medical education, leadership and practice
Dr Jonny Guckian

Virtual consultation; the next best thing
Ms Hazel Archer

Virtual consultation; a loss of human touch
Prof Trish Greenhalgh

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