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Course image Clinical Governance 2024
EMUs 2023-24
Broadcast on 30 January 2024


Dealing with complaints
Dr Helen Gillett

Dealing with the DVLA
Dr Ishwinder Thethy

Dealing with significant event analyses
Dr Dean Kerslake

Course image Cardiology 2023
EMUs 2023-24
Broadcast on 12 December 2023


Recognising and Managing Common Inherited Cardiac Diseases
Dr William Jenkins

Cardiac Considerations in Patients with Cancer
Dr Shelley Rahman Haley

Dyslipidaemias - an update for the non-specialist
Dr Jonathan Malo

Course image Oncology 2023
EMUs 2023-24
Broadcast on 21 November 2023


Latest developments in lung cancer treatments
Professor Siow Ming Lee

Recognising oncological emergencies
Dr Moray Kyle

Updates on immunotherapy
Dr Anna Olsson-Brown

Course image Infectious Diseases and Genitourinary Medicine 2023
EMUs 2023-24
Broadcast on 31 October 2023


What's new in HIV
Dr Nicola Mackie

Sexually transmitted infections
Dr Daniel Clutterbuck

Course image RCPE Iraq: Journey of Acute Coronary Syndrome 2024
International Medical Updates (IMUs)

Broadcast on 25 January 2024


Guidelines in ACS diagnosis and management: how it is refined
Dr Ahmed Shnyain

Primary coronary intervention (PCI) in ACS, guidelines & challenges
Professor Adnan Taan

Women & cardiology in Iraq: challenges, perspective & future vision
Dr Zhwan Nawroz

Course image RCPE Pakistan: Updates in Clinical Medicine 2023
International Medical Updates (IMUs)

Broadcast on 16 November 2023


Anaemia – whose problem is it?
Dr Bushra Ahsan

The spectrum of infectious disease in rural Pakistan
Dr Amjad Mahboob

Tertiary care cardiology in Pakistan – challenges, but also opportunities
Dr Ali Raza

Course image Acute Medicine: St Andrew's Day 2023
Acute Medicine: St Andrew's Day

23-24 November 2023

Day 1

The burden of treatment
Professor Frances Mair

Physician heal thyself – looking after ourselves and our colleagues
Dr Susan Robertson

Dr Graham MacKay

Dr Ben Shandro

Hospital at home…can we really keep patients away from hospital?
Professor Daniel Lasserson

Virtual clinics...are they the future?
Dr Jamie Smith

Respiratory medicine
Dr Tom Mackay

Infectious diseases
Dr Gwyneth Jones

Day 2

Acute abdominal emergencies - management for physicians
Dr Malcolm Smith

Managing the dialysis patient with an acute medical problem
Professor Colin Geddes

Genetically-tailored medicine
Dr Catherine McWilliam

Dementia care and non-pharmacological interventions
Professor Debbie Tolson

Diabetic foot disease
Dr Hannah Robertson

Hyperosmolar hyperglycaemic state
Dr Jane Dymott

Palliative care – best practice
Dr Katherine Thompson

Managing chronic pain
Dr John Muthiah

Course image Cardiology 2023

 09 November 2023


Assessment prior to cardiac transplantation
Dr Veronica Rial-Baston

Assessment of the athletic heart
Professor Sanjay Sharma

The forgotten valve: interventions for the tricuspid valve
Dr Mike Mullen

The electrocardiograph - traces and interesting cases
Dr Paul Broadhurst

Device therapies - past, present and future
Dr Kim Rajappan

Coronary artery assessment - is angiography all we need?
Professor Nick Curzen

Course image Diabetes & Endocrinology 2023
Diabetes and Endocrinology

 30 November 2023


Challenging thyroid function test results
Professor Graham Leese & Professor Mark Gurnell

Management of hyponatraemia and diabetes insipidus
Professor Mirjam Christ-Crain

Advanced diabetes complications in pregnancy
Professor Helen Murphy

Frail people with diabetes
Professor David Strain

A young person with type 2 diabetes
Dr Soon Song

Eating disorders and psychological distress in people with type 1 diabetes
Dr Rose Stewart

Course image Medical Trainees Conference 2024
Medical Trainees' Conference

 26 January 2024


The distressed patient
Dr Wojtek Wojcik

Bleeped by the obstetrics ward
Dr Beth Routledge

Polypharmacy: tips for managing a patient taking lots of medications
Dr Henry Woodford

Panel Discussion: My biggest mistake – learning lessons from errors
Dr Adelina McLeod, Dr Christopher Tiplady & Dr Ashley Price

Myeloproliferative disorders in the elderly
Dr Christopher Tiplady

Is my headache serious?
Dr William Sedley

My heart is racing
Dr Honey Thomas

Clinical Lesson 1: Beware the unprovoked hypoglycaemia!
Dr Eleanor Brain

Clinical Lesson 2: Wheeze or stridor? A careful listening to prevent impending respiratory doom
Dr Saquib Siddiqui

Out-of-hours decision-making in deteriorating patients by foundation year doctors: Relationship to moral distress
Dr Justin Geddes

Course image Brain Health: Dementia & Associated Conditions - in partnership with Brain Health Scotland

 31 October 2023


What does healthy brain ageing look like?
Professor Alan Gow

Vascular brain health risk factors: do they make a difference?
Professor Terry Quinn

Emerging brain health risk factors
Dr Tom Russ

Non-neurodegenerative causes of cognitive decline
Dr Harriet Ball

Risk factor disclosure - what does the public want to know?
Dr Stina Saunders

The drugs might work...
Dr Cath Mummery

Course image SIGN@30: Adapt or Die? - Clinical Guidelines and the Infodemic

 19 September 2023


Welcome & Introductory Remarks
Professor Andrew Elder

Opening address
Professor Linda Bauld OBE

SIGN for the next 30 years...
Professor Angela Timoney

New approaches to guideline development - harnessing the work of others and avoiding duplication
Dr Miroslav Klugar

Impact of SIGN guidelines
Dr Jane Morris, Dr Jay Shetty, Dr Adam Daly, Professor Lesley Colvin & Dr Roberta James

Closing address: SIGN of the times
Professor Sir Gregor Smith

Course image RCPE Yorkshire: Updates in Clinical Medicine
UK Conferences

Broadcast 14 September 2023


Clotting in liver disease
Dr Julie Tarrant

Nutrition in liver disease
Dr Charlie Millson

Course image 10 things a doctor can do to combat climate change
Climate change

Free, Open Access e-learning from RCPE's College Advisory Forum on the Environment (CAFE).