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Acute Back Pain, Weakness and Paralysis 2019

Acute Back Pain, Weakness and Paralysis 2019


New Horizons in Stroke
Professor Keith Muir

Peripheral Neuropathy - Top 10
Dr Louise Davidson

Professor Stuart Ralston

Malignant Cord Compression
Dr Martin Doak

Category: Back Pain
Cardio-Respiratory Arrest 2019

Cardio-Respiratory Arrest 2019

  • Resuscitation Guideline Highlights | Dr Alan Robertson
  • Timely referral of potential organ donors | Dr Iain Macleod
  • Prevention of cardiac arrest and DNACPR decisions | Dr Juliet Spiller and Dr Vicky Tallentire

Fever 2019

Fever 2019

  • Sepsis 3.0: an update on diagnosis and management | Dr Robert Docking
  • Neutropenic sepsis | Dr Monica Szabo

Category: Fever
Cardiology 2019

Cardiology 2019

  • Breathlessness | Dr Mark Francis
  • Syncope | Dr Douglas Elder
  • Palpitation | Dr Chris Skene
  • Speaking to patients: "Words that harm, words that heal" | Dr John Mandrola
  • The puzzle of managing stable coronary artery disease | Professor Darrel Francis

Category: Cardiology
Diabetes and Endocrinology 2019

Diabetes and Endocrinology 2019

  • Drug-induced thyroid dysfunction | Dr Carla Moran
  • Identifying and managing phaeochromocytoma | Professor Isla Mackenzie
  • T3 or not T3, that is the question | For: Dr Peter Taylor / Against: Dr Kristien Boelaert
  • Differential diagnosis of diabetes – the use of c-peptide, genetics and other biomarkers | Professor Katharine Owen

Neurology 2019

Neurology 2019

  • What’s new in stroke treatment | Dr Tracey Baird
  • What’s new in the management of myasthenia gravis | Dr Maria Farrugia
  • Dementia - novel biomarkers, neuroimaging and treatments | Professor Craig Ritchie
  • Gene targeting therapies - what does the future hold for neurological disorders? | Professor Sarah Tabrizi
  • Epilepsy treatments - an update | Professor Matthew Walker
  • Autoimmune encephalitis - diagnosis and management | Professor Sarosh Irani

Category: Neurology
Scotland Parkinson’s Excellence Network Conference 2019

Scotland Parkinson’s Excellence Network Conference 2019

  • The UK Excellence Network and our new Parkinson's Strategy | Katherine Crawford
  • Sleep and Parkinson’s disease (PD) | Dr Ian Morrison
  • Psychiatry and psychosis of Parkinson's disease (PD) | Dr Dichelle Wong
  • Mental Health Hub | Dr Jennifer Foley
  • Deep brain stimulation (DBS) update | >Dr Vicky Marshall
  • Exercise and Parkinson’s disease (PD) | Julie Jones, Janet Kerr and Alison Williams
  • Award winning exercise project | Lois Rosenthal and Aimi McGeough
  • Using existing automatic systems to help administer/prescribe Parkinson's medications | Nic Bryden
  • First Steps | Dave Thomson
  • Medications management project at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary | Dr Zoe Muir
  • Comprehensive genetic testing for Parkinson's disease (PD) for NHS Scotland patients | Dr Esther Sammler
  • Experience of Parkinson's Kinetigraph (PKG) in NHS Fife | Dr Marie-Claire Grounds
  • UK Parkinson’s Audit - Next steps | Dr Anne-Louise Cunnington

Category: Neurology
Creating a Community of Care

Creating a Community of Care

  • Training perspective | Dr Mike Jones
  • Generalism: The New Specialism (Broad Based Training) | Professor Graham Leese
  • Training, Recruitment and Retention in Remote and Rural Medicine | Dr Pauline Wilson and Dr Cormac Doyle
  • Introducing GMC-regulated credentials | Ms Rose Ward
  • Rural and Remote Credential Update | Professor Alan Denison
  • Research into drinking in Remote Rural Areas od Scotland | Ms Jackie MacDiarmid
  • Rediscover the Joy of Rural General Practice | Dr Kirsty Brightwell and Dr Charles Sindefin
  • A rapid assessment clinic for the older people of Skye | Dr Karen Le Ball
  • Enhance: The safety net we need | Dr Jean MacLeod
  • Inspiring Culture Change: Introducing Simulation Training to Caithness General Hospital | Dr Kirsty Griffiths
  • A new approach to rural healthcare education in the UK | Professor Kathy Jackson
  • The Nagasaki Islands Study | Dr Isao Shimokawa