Events & e-learning tagged with "Non-Clinical"

Course image Clinical Governance 2024
EMUs 2023-24
Broadcast on 30 January 2024


Dealing with complaints
Dr Helen Gillett

Dealing with the DVLA
Dr Ishwinder Thethy

Dealing with significant event analyses
Dr Dean Kerslake

Course image High Dependency Unit 2023
EMUs 2023-24
Broadcast on 26 September 2023


Assessment and management of cardiogenic shock
Dr Louise Hartley

Critical care outreach
Mr Ronnie Dornan

Clinical event debriefing
Dr Alex Stirzaker

Course image Working within a Team 2021
EMUs 2021-22

Broadcast 14 December 2021


Unconscious bias in medicine - how people and institution can challenge and change
Ms Scarlett McNally

Professional communication & team working
Dr Paul Rocchiccioli

Course image Changing Times, Changing Practice 2021
EMUs 2020-21

Broadcast 22 June 2021


Organ donation - opting out, not in
Dr Nicholas Torpey

Data driven clinical practice
Professor Mahmood Adil

Sustainability in healthcare and social care
Dr Emma Vaux

Course image Capability outwith Clinical Work 2020
EMUs 2020-21

Broadcast 15 December 2020


Mindfulness in medicine and medical education
Dr Susan Chater

Quality Improvement
Dr Jean Macleod

A realistic approach to evidence based medicine
Dr Christopher Tiplady

Course image Medicolegal Challenges 2020
EMUs 2019-20

Broadcast 23 June 2020


Medical law: capacity and detentions
Dr Matthew Sheridan

Law and ethics around decision-making at end of life
Dr Stephen Fenning

After a significant event: the review process
Dr Claire Gordon

Course image Keeping up with Modern Medicine 2020
EMUs 2019-20

Broadcast 25 February 2020


Fatigue, shift work and the evidence
Dr Christopher Sheridan

Insight and reflection when things go wrong
Dr Michael Devlin

Dr Beatrice Downie