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Sir Andy Haines, Professor of Environmental Change and Public Health, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, delivered this Public Lecture on 28 May 2019.

This talk is available to Fellows, Members and the public.


Dr Graham Nimmo and Dr Dorothy Armstrong in conversation.

Don’t Take It Personally explores self-care and compassion in the face of complaint, and the power of apology.

  • Top tips for FY1 - a personal perspective | Dr Jonathan Kang
  • Managing unwell patients - tips for your first on-call shifts | Dr Nicola Robinson
  • FY1 - Managing the transition from student to doctor - learning to learn while working | Dr Fiona Cameron
  • Top tips for FY | Dr Chloe Searle
  • On call - Survival Guide | Mr David Watson
  • The NEWS is not a verb. Managing yourself and your patients when everyone seems sick | Dr Nick Lane
  • Panel discussion | Dr Chloe Searle, Mr David Watson, Dr Nick Lane. Chair: Dr Jenny Hall
  • Top Tips for FY1 | Dr Adam Groves
  • Managing the acutely unwell patient: Medical Registrar and Nurse Perspectives | Dr Rebecca Weerakoon and Mr Morgan Downie
  • Physician heal thyself – transitioning from student to doctor | Professor Rona Patey
Professionalism in Medicine: Creating a Healthy Team Culture (2018)
  • Bias | Ms Mags Bradbury
  • Undermining and Bullying: Implications and what to do about it | Miss Alice Hartley
The 21st Century Consultant: looking to the future (2017)
  • Future NHS leadership | Mr Jim Mackey
  • The changing role of the consultant | Dr Wendy Watsons
  • Professional success: how to use appraisal and revalidation to realise your perfect job | Dr Janice Provan
Contemporary Challenges for the NHS Consultant (2016)
  • Practising realistic medicine in an increasingly litigious world | Dr Catherine Calderwood
  • Routes to clinical leadership: pearls of wisdom for aspiring clinicians | Dr Annabel Howell
  • Detecting early signs of stress & mental illness in ourselves and our colleagues | Dr Alastair Leckie
RAC Meeting 2015
  • Managing uncertainty | Dr Kerri Baker
  • Management structure in NHS Scotland (and how to engage effectively) | Dr David Murdoch
  • Managing conflict | Dr Mark Roberts
  • Immunology, liver disease & coffee: My career in academic medicine and tips on how to survive | Professor David Adams
  • Is metabolic syndrome in mid-life associated with increased risk of frailty at age 69? Findings from a British birth cohort study | Dr Elizabeth Thomas
  • Immune Extracellular Vesicles as Novel Quantitative Biomarkers of Acute Renal Transplant Rejection? | Anna Kennedy
  • Does sepsis fall victim to the weekend effect? | Melissa Premchand
  • The Negative Appendicectomy Rate: A New Gender Gap? | Laura McKinlay
  • Assessing the utility of simple measures of frailty in older hospital-based cardiology patients | Yong Yong Tew
  • Training for the future | Dr Emily Ward
  • NIHR: health research in 2030 | Professor Stephen Smye
  • The Internal Medicine Curriculum: What I need to know | Dr Anna Olsson-Brown
  • The future of internal medicine training - A new curriculum for 2019 | Dr Mike Jones
  • IMT discussion | Dr Anna Olsson-Brown and Dr Mike Jones
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Resources mapped to IMT competencies
  • Presentations and conditions by system/specialty
  • Generic Capabilities in Practice
  • Specialty Capabilities in Practice