Events & e-learning tagged with "Pharmacology"

Course image Updates in Oncology 2021
EMUs 2021-22

Broadcast 23 November 2021


Immunotherapy - triumphs and toxicities
Dr Anna Olsson-Brown

Cancer of unknown primary
Dr Sally Clive

Assessment and management of common oncology emergencies at the front door
Dr Joanne Evans

Course image Hints on Haematology 2021
EMUs 2020-21

Broadcast 27 April 2021


This full blood count doesn't look right: leukaemias, lymphomas and the rest
Dr Neill Storrar

DOACs: the fantasy versus the reality
Dr Kate Musgrave

Haemoglobinopathies: what to know as a generalist
Dr Susan Baird

Course image Updates in Dermatology, Allergy and Immunology 2021
EMUs 2020-21

Broadcast 23 March 2021


Drug allergy: investigation, assessment and desensitisation
Dr Helen Bourne

Course image Insights into Endocrinology and Diabetes 2021
EMUs 2020-21

Broadcast 23 February 2021


Diabetes - updates in drugs and pumps
Dr Balakumar Muthukrishnan

Hyponatraemia - what to check, when and why?
Dr Owain Leng

Antenatal metabolic disease
Professor Rebecca Reynolds

Course image Mastering Medicine of the Elderly 2020
EMUs 2020-21

Broadcast 24 November 2020


Polypharmacy: Balancing medications in frail adults
Dr Martin Wilson

Dizziness in the elderly
Dr Jennifer Harrison

Hospital at home and community care for the elderly
Dr Patricia Cantley

Course image Unconscious Patient 2019
EMUs 2019-20

Broadcast 24 September 2019


The unconscious patient: When to call a neurosurgeon
Miss Julie Woodfield

Suspected meningoencephalitis: Management strategies
Dr Andrew Storey

Drugs and the unconscious patient
Dr James Dear

Course image RCPE India: Updates in Clinical Medicine 2020
International Medical Updates (IMUs)

Broadcast on 06 December 2020


Pharmacological Management of Heart Failure
Dr Suvro Banerjee

Changing paradigms in Acute Ischemic Stroke Management
Dr P N Renjen

Abnormal LFTs for Physicians
Dr Basant Chaudhury

Do we really need salt in the diet?
Professor Sunil Bhandari

Avoiding poly pharmacy and adverse drug reactions in elderly
Dr Milind Desai