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COVID-19 Update II: In the ICU

COVID-19 Update II: In the ICU

Broadcast 26 March 2020


Early Experience of COVID-19, Baltimore, USA
Professor Brian Garibaldi

Recognition and management of the deteriorating patient with COVID-19
Professor Adam Hill

COVID-19: A view from the Scottish Critical Care frontline
Dr Gregor McNeill

ICU Management of COVID-19
Dr David Griffith

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Med Student / FY

COVID-19: Update I

COVID-19: Update I

Broadcast 19 March 2020


2019 Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2
Prof Tom Evans

Preparedness and challenges: The lessons learned from Italy
Prof Francesco Castelli

COVID-19: Clinical characteristics
Dr Oliver Koch

Dr Claire Mackintosh

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Med Student / FY

Breathlessness 2018

Breathlessness 2018


The origin of symptoms in heart failure - replacing dogma with data
Dr Klaus Witte

How to manage patients with difficult asthma
Dr Graham Burns

Lung cancer: Common presentations and management
Dr Philip Reid

Category: Breathlessness
Chest Pain 2015

Chest Pain 2015


When to admit and when to discharge
Professor Nicholas Mills

Update on acute PE management
Dr James Tiernan

Acute coronary syndromes (ACS)
Dr Nicholas Boon

Category: Chest Pain
Cough 2020

Cough 2020


Updates in bronchiectasis
Professor James Chalmers

Advances in lung cancer including immunotherapy
Professor Marianne Nicolson

Cystic Fibrosis and Precision Medicine
Dr Robert Gray

Category: Cough
Cough 2017

Cough 2017


The smoker's cough
Dr Peter Reid

Professor Alyn Morice

COPD update
Professor William MacNee

Category: Cough
Unconscious Patient 2017

Unconscious Patient 2017


The unconscious patient
Dr Achyut Valluri

Hepatic encephalopathy: Presentation, diagnosis and management
Professor Jane Metcalf

The unconscious patient with high CO2
Dr Alistair Gascoigne

Acute Medicine: St Andrew's Day 2019

Acute Medicine: St Andrew's Day 2019

Day 1

Shared decision making
Dr Caroline Whitworth

Understanding the 'human' factor
Dr Vicky Tallentire

Pyrexia of unknown origin (PUO)
Dr Elham Khatamzas

The acutely jaundiced patient
Dr Michael Williams

Professor Henry Watson

Resolving conflict in healthcare
Dr Claire Macaulay

The public understanding of risk
Dr Sander van der Linden

Acute kidney injury (AKI)
Professor Neil Turner

Pulmonary emboli (PE)
Dr Jay Suntharalingam

A good death
Dr Juliet Spiller

Day 2

Paracetamol overdose (OD)
Dr Emma Morrison

Skin failure
Dr Fiona Meredith

Managing the acute take during a major incident
Dr Philip Lee

Wearables in medicine
Dr Ali K Yetisen

Exercise and health
Dr Gregor Smith

Dr Paul Broadhurst

The jugular venous pulse (JVP)
Dr Andrew Flapan

Medically unexplained symptoms
Dr Wojtek Wojcik

Acute Medicine: St Andrew's Day 2018

Acute Medicine: St Andrew's Day 2018

Day 1

Training for “Generation Me”
Dr Kim Walker

Lessons from mortality reviews
Professor Allen Hutchinson

How to develop resilient acute physicians (Resources)
Dr Mark Stacey

Investigate without prejudice
Mr Keith Conradi

Getting it right first time (GIRFT)
Professor Tim Briggs

Equality in health care
Dr Moira Connolly

Hospital at Home
Dr Scott Ramsay

Pushing the boundaries of ambulatory care
Dr Naomi Fox

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)
Dr Gillian Bain

Toxicology - what is your poison?
Dr Euan Sandilands

Treatment refusal: Psychiatrist tips
Dr Stephen Potts

Acute hyperglycaemia
Dr Hannah Robertson

Day 2

Dementia friendly environments
Professor Emma Reynish and Dr Alison Dawson

The arts and dementia
Professor Tom Dening

All that's diabetes in the young is not T1DM: Clinical approach and DDx
Professor Nihal Thomas

Does white matter disease matter?
Professor Vincent Mok

Apps for clinician and patient
Dr Rupert Page

Alder Hey - Cognitive Hospital
Mr Iain Hennessey

Cardiology: High sensitivity troponin
Dr Anne Scott

Endocrine emergencies
Dr Stephanie Baldeweg

Neurology: Moments of weakness
Professor John Paul Leach

Respiratory update
Dr William McConnell

Futuristic Medicine 2019

Futuristic Medicine 2019


Healthcare in the 4th industrial revolution
Professor Andrew Morris

Determinants of disease – lessons from the UK Biobank
Professor Cathie Sudlow

Stem cell and other cell therapies
Professor Sue Kimber

Extremes of physiology – adaptive and maladaptive processes
Dr Kenneth Baillie

Parkinson’s disease – from the clinic to bench to clinic
Professor Roger Barker

The prospects for personalised medicine
Professor Sir Munir Pirmohamed

Lighting up the lung
Professor Kev Dhaliwal

Superbugs and antibiotic resistance
Dr Susan Hopkins

Tackling the ageing demographic
Professor Sarah Harper

Medicine of the Older Person 2020: Challenges in Modern Geriatric Medicine

Medicine of the Older Person 2020: Challenges in Modern Geriatric Medicine


Heart failure
Dr Diane Barker

Dr Prina Ruparelia

Perioperative management
Dr Magda Sbai

Dr Jemima Smith

Dr Jerry Brown

Geriatric Medicine 2018

Geriatric Medicine 2018


Infectious diseases
Dr Alisdair MacConnachie

Heart failure
Dr John Baxter

Respiratory medicine update
Dr Richard Stretton

Frailty in the ED
Dr Charlotte Bates

Frailty in the operating room
Mr Iain McCallum

Infectious Diseases 2018

Infectious Diseases 2018


Legal highs and severe bacterial disease - an Edinburgh outbreak
Dr Donald Inverarity

AMR: Behaviour change interventions
Dr Timothy Rawson

State of the world's antibiotics in 2018
Professor Ramanan Laxminarayan

HIV cure: Need or fantasy?
Professor John Frater

TB: Epidemiology and diagnosis
Dr Timothy Walker

Medical Trainees' Conference 2020: The On-call Handbook

Medical Trainees' Conference 2020: The On-call Handbook


Diabetes dilemmas
Dr Rachel Williamson

Portal hypertensive problems
Dr Stuart McPherson

Renal Riddles
Dr Siobhan McManus

The psychology of practice change
Professor Jo Hart

How neurology has shaped our understanding of memory
Dr Tom Miller

Toxicology troubles
Dr Euan Sandilands

ECG Emergencies
Dr Gwilym Morris

Palliative care - Key principles for physicians
Dr Gursaran Purewal

The trop trap and walking pneumonia
Dr Kaitlin Mayne

No NEWS is good NEWS
Dr Madeleine Sharpe

The curious case of persistent pyrexia
Dr Natalie Lee

Important variations in care of the elderly services
Dr Alison Donaldson

General Medicine: Medical Trainees' Conference 2018

General Medicine: Medical Trainees' Conference 2018


Medical haematology
Dr James Russell

Parkinsonian puzzles
Dr Conor Maguire

Radiology quiz
Dr George Tse

Panel discussion: Improving flexibility in training
Dr Jennifer Lees, Dr Michael Farquhar, Professor Jane Mamelok, Professor Peter Trainer, Professor Derek Bell, Dr Marcus Lyall

18F-Fluoride PET-CT: Novel imaging to predict bioprosthetic valve failure
Dr Timothy Cartlidge

Dr Anne Jones

Demystifying myoclonus
Dr Russell Hewett

A near fatal cause of lower back pain
Dr Wan Shun Wong

An interesting differential for IBS
Dr Teqwen Ecclestone

Sepsis ?Source
Dr Ejaz Rahman

Missed opportunities to diagnose syphilis before sight-losing uveitis
Dr John Widdrington

Neurology 2017

Neurology 2017


Symptoms and signs of neuro-otological disorders
Dr Diego Kaski

Dizziness: Acute, paroxysmal, positional
Mr Patrick Spielmann

Neurological red flags in the AMU
Dr Esther Sammler

Common dilemmas in the neuro-ICU
Professor Simon Nagel

Long-term respiratory support in neuromuscular conditions
Dr Anthony Bateman

Category: Neurology
Public Health 2017

Public Health 2017


Emerging infectious diseases
Professor David Heymann

How to eliminate TB by 2050?
Professor Ajit Lalvani

Public health challenges in Europe
Professor Martin McKee

Migration and health
Dr Alexander van Tulleken

Alcohol MUP: A tale of two countries
Professor Colin Drummond

Respiratory Medicine 2020

Respiratory Medicine 2020


Management of pleural infections: past, present and future
Dr Rahul Bhatnagar

Mesothelioma: are we prepared for 2020?
Professor Kevin Blyth

High value patient care in COPD: a primary care perspective
Carol Stonham MBE

Home NIV in COPD: who and when?
Dr Patrick Murphy

Category: Respiratory
Respiratory Medicine 2019

Respiratory Medicine 2019


Malignant pleural effusions
Professor Najib Rahman

Dr Owen Dempsey

Drugs for IPF
Dr Simon Hart

Pulmonary-renal disorders
Dr Dana Kidder

Respiratory failure in COPD:
When / when not to ventilate

Professor John Kinsella

Category: Respiratory
Respiratory Medicine 2018

Respiratory Medicine 2018


Individualising new treatments
Dr Andrew Menzies-Gow

Non asthma symptoms in a severe asthma clinic
Dr Robert Niven

Therapeutic bronchoscopy
Professor Pallav Shah

The sleepy driver
Dr Kristine Harrison

Professor James Chalmers

Category: Respiratory
Infectious Diseases Case 2015

Infectious Diseases Case 2015

  • Case: Lung cysts: what is the cause? | Dr J Dixon J, Dr DA Price, Dr I Forrest
  • Self-assessment
  • Completion Certificate

Respiratory Module 2013

Respiratory Module 2013

  • Bronchiectasis
  • Occupational lung disease
  • Cystic fibrosis (CF)
  • Interstitial lung disease (ILD) - Quiz
  • Breathlessness - Case

Self-assessment questions

MRCP(UK) PACES Preparation Evenings

MRCP(UK) PACES Preparation Evenings


Evening 1 - PACES exam format and Station 1 (abdominal and respiratory examinations)
Dr Nicola Zammitt and Dr Sue Pound

Evening 2 - Station 3 (cardiovascular system and nervous system examinations)
Dr Nicola Zammitt and Dr Tom MacKay

Evening 3 - Station 5 (clinical consultation) and Stations 2 and 4
Dr Nicola Zammitt and Professor Andrew Elder

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Category: MRCP(UK) PACES