EMUs from the 2021-22 academic year.

Course image Predicaments in Palliative Medicine
EMUs 2021-22

Broadcast 21 June 2022


Pain management in palliative medicine - complex pain and interventions
Dr Alison Mitchell

Prognostication in advanced cancer
Professor Patrick Stone

Course image A run-through of Rheumatology
EMUs 2021-22

Broadcast 24 May 2022


Understanding biologics and targeted synthetic disease modifying drugs
Dr Nicola Gullick

Clinical Cases in Rheumatology
Dr Helen Harris

Osteoporosis - the importance of a holistic approach
Professor David Reid

Course image Maternal Medicine, Paediatrics & Genetics - an overview for the general medic
EMUs 2021-22

Broadcast 26 April 2022


Acute medical problem in pregnancy
Dr Anne Armstrong

Transitions: from paediatric care to adult medicine
Dr Una MacFadyen

Diagnosis and Treatment in Clinical Genetics - it just keeps getting better and better
Dr Jonathan Berg

Course image Getting to Grips with Gastroenterology 2022
EMUs 2021-22

Broadcast 22 March 2022


Acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding: initial assessment and management
Dr Sarah Hearnshaw

What's new in IBD?
Dr Daniel Gaya

Liver regeneration, cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma
Dr Tom Bird

Course image When to call the surgeon or radiologist? The Medics guide 2022
EMUs 2021-22

Broadcast 22 February 2022


Not just black and white: perfusion in neuroimaging
Dr Derek Smith

Abdominal pain - is it surgical?
Ms Nikola Henderson

The swollen painful joint - when to call the orthopod and what they want to know
Mr Jamie Nicholson

Course image Cardiology Conundrums 2022
EMUs 2021-22

Broadcast 25 January 2022


Diagnosis and management of heart failure
Dr Alan Japp

Acute management of life threatening arrhythmias
Dr Anna Marie Choy

Course image Working within a Team 2021
EMUs 2021-22

Broadcast 14 December 2021


Unconscious bias in medicine - how people and institution can challenge and change
Ms Scarlett McNally

Professional communication & team working
Dr Paul Rocchiccioli

Course image Updates in Oncology 2021
EMUs 2021-22

Broadcast 23 November 2021


Immunotherapy - triumphs and toxicities
Dr Anna Olsson-Brown

Cancer of unknown primary
Dr Sally Clive

Assessment and management of common oncology emergencies at the front door
Dr Joanne Evans

Course image Insights into Infectious Diseases and Genito-urinary Medicine 2021
EMUs 2021-22

Broadcast 26 October 2021


Infection in the immunocompromised patient
Dr Daire O'Shea

Pyrexia of unknown origin - updates on investigation
Dr Naomi Bulteel

Course image HDU - Management of the deteriorating patient 2021
EMUs 2021-22

Broadcast 28 September 2021


The delirious and agitated patient: Assessment and Management
Dr Valerie Page

Major Haemorrhage in the non-obstetric patient
Dr David Hall