EMUs from the 2020-21 academic year.

Course image Changing Times, Changing Practice 2021
EMUs 2020-21

Broadcast 22 June 2021


Organ donation - opting out, not in
Dr Nicholas Torpey

Data driven clinical practice
Professor Mahmood Adil

Sustainability in healthcare and social care
Dr Emma Vaux

Course image Knowing Neurology, Psychiatry and Ophthalmology 2021
EMUs 2020-21

Broadcast 25 May 2021


Physical Health in People with Psychosis - what to look out for
Dr Fiona Gaughran

Course image Hints on Haematology 2021
EMUs 2020-21

Broadcast 27 April 2021


This full blood count doesn't look right: leukaemias, lymphomas and the rest
Dr Neill Storrar

DOACs: the fantasy versus the reality
Dr Kate Musgrave

Haemoglobinopathies: what to know as a generalist
Dr Susan Baird

Course image Updates in Dermatology, Allergy and Immunology 2021
EMUs 2020-21

Broadcast 23 March 2021


Drug allergy: investigation, assessment and desensitisation
Dr Helen Bourne

Course image Insights into Endocrinology and Diabetes 2021
EMUs 2020-21

Broadcast 23 February 2021


Diabetes - updates in drugs and pumps
Dr Balakumar Muthukrishnan

Hyponatraemia - what to check, when and why?
Dr Owain Leng

Antenatal metabolic disease
Professor Rebecca Reynolds

Course image Riddles in Respiratory Medicine 2021
EMUs 2020-21

Broadcast 26 January 2021


Pulmonary embolism in the age of personalised medicine
Professor John Simpson

Home is where the pleural effusion is; ambulatory management of pleural disease in 2021
Dr Anna Bibby

When did 'fibrosis' get so difficult? A simple guide to Interstitial lung disease
Dr Ian Forrest

Course image Capability outwith Clinical Work 2020
EMUs 2020-21

Broadcast 15 December 2020


Mindfulness in medicine and medical education
Dr Susan Chater

Quality Improvement
Dr Jean Macleod

A realistic approach to evidence based medicine
Dr Christopher Tiplady

Course image Mastering Medicine of the Elderly 2020
EMUs 2020-21

Broadcast 24 November 2020


Polypharmacy: Balancing medications in frail adults
Dr Martin Wilson

Dizziness in the elderly
Dr Jennifer Harrison

Hospital at home and community care for the elderly
Dr Patricia Cantley

Course image Keeping up with Kidneys 2020
EMUs 2020-21

Broadcast 27 October 2020


Medical emergencies in the dialysis patient
Dr Siobhan McManus

Hypertension: An update in management
Professor Isla Mackenzie

Multisystem disorders - when to think of vasculitis
Professor David Jayne

Course image Hurdles in the HDU 2020
EMUs 2020-21

Broadcast 29 September 2020


The shocked patient
Dr Frauke Weidanz

Escalation decisions - when to, when not to
Mr Lewis Gray

Post ICU discharge - outcomes and experience
Dr Monica Trivedi