Course image Rheumatology 2023
EMUs 2022-23
Broadcast on 20 June 2023


Modern and future treatments for rheumatoid arthritis
Professor John Isaacs

How to approach the red hot joint
Dr Owen Cronin

An update on vasculitis
Dr Paula Dospinescu

Course image Neurology, Psychiatry, Ophthalmology 2023
EMUs 2022-23
Broadcast on 30 May 2023


Management of first seizure
Professor Ley Sander

Acute ophthalmic emergencies
Mr Declan Flanagan

Mental capacity vs Mental Health Act: when & how
Dr Prathibha Rao

Course image Allergy 2023
EMUs 2022-23
Broadcast on 25 April 2023


Managing allergic rhinoconjunctivitis
Professor Syed Hasan Arshad

Course image Managing Healthcare Delivery 2023
EMUs 2022-23
Broadcast on 28 March 2023


Health economics
Mr Alex Bates

Proxy decision-makers under Scots Law - Powers of attorney, welfare guardians and intervention orders
Dr Roger Smyth

Health promotion and illness prevention
Dr Josie Murray

Course image Acute Medicine 2023
EMUs 2022-23
Broadcast on 28 February 2023


Same day emergency care
Dr Rachel Sutherland

Clinical decision making
Dr Kerri Baker

Course image Haematology 2023
EMUs 2022-23

Broadcast on 31 January 2023


Venous thrombosis: Investigation & Management
Dr Andrew Page

Platelets - the highs & lows; when to worry?
Dr Emily Watts

Tips and pitfalls in the investigation of anaemia
Dr Adam Forbes

Course image Respiratory Medicine 2022
EMUs 2022-23
Broadcast 13 December 2022


Pneumothorax – acute management update
Dr Andrew Stanton

Obstructive sleep apnoea - who needs priority referral?
Dr Sophie West

COPD: when to ventilate?
Dr Sophie West

Course image Geriatric Medicine 2022
EMUs 2022-23
Broadcast 22 November 2022


Assessing frailty in MAU
Dr Sarah Turpin

Hospital at home - Complex care and end of life care
Professor Adam Gordon

Mood and Memory
Dr Katherine Paramore

Course image Diabetes & Endocrinology 2022
EMUs 2022-23
Broadcast 25 October 2022


Endocrine causes of hypertension
Dr Marie Freel

Managing diabetes in the AMU
Professor Mark Strachan

An update on calcium disorders
Dr Rachel Crowley

Course image Renal Medicine 2022
EMUs 2022-23
Broadcast 27 September 2022


An update on renal vasculitis
Dr Neeraj Dhaun

Chronic kidney health
Dr Jane Goddard