Course image Cardiology 2023

 09 November 2023


Assessment prior to cardiac transplantation
Dr Veronica Rial-Baston

Assessment of the athletic heart
Professor Sanjay Sharma

The forgotten valve: interventions for the tricuspid valve
Dr Mike Mullen

The electrocardiograph - traces and interesting cases
Dr Paul Broadhurst

Device therapies - past, present and future
Dr Kim Rajappan

Coronary artery assessment - is angiography all we need?
Professor Nick Curzen

Course image Cardiology 2022

26 October 2022


Cardiovascular disease prevention
Professor Naveed Sattar

Dr Arjun Ghosh

How to prescribe and manage patients on SGLT2 inhibitors
Dr Nicola Zammitt

Course image Contemporary and Futuristic Cardiology 2021

28 October 2021


Pulmonary Hypertension: past, present and future
Professor David Kiely & Dr Alex Rothman

Cardiovascular effects of COVID-19 - an update
Professor Marc Dweck

Congenital heart disease
Professor S Yen Ho

Stroke intervention
Dr David Hargroves

Virtual consulting room and telemedicine
Dr Paul Friedman

Course image Challenges and Advances in Cardiology 2020

29 October 2020


Evaluation of heart failure
Dr Marianna Fontana

The Ongoing Debate: Medical management versus revascularisation for this patient
Dr Sarah Clarke & Dr Darrel Francis

Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Disease: new bases of early prediction and prevention
Professor Valentin Fuster

Lowering lipids
Professor Kausik Ray