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The next Cardiology Symposium is 29 October 2020
Cardiology 2019

Cardiology 2019


Dr Mark Francis

Dr Douglas Elder

Dr Chris Skene

Speaking to patients: "Words that harm, words that heal"
Dr John Mandrola

The puzzle of managing stable CHD
Professor Darrel Francis

Cardiology 2018

Cardiology 2018


HFpEF: New horizons for diagnosis and treatment
Professor John Cleland

Lipids: From statins to PCSK9 inhibitors
Dr Derek Connolly

Precision medicine and hypertension
Professor Dame Anna Dominiczak

Antithrombotic treatment for AF
Professor Menno Huisman

VTE: Risk-adjusted treatment, secondary prophylaxis
Professor Stavros Konstantinides

Cardiology 2017

Cardiology 2017


Mitral valve disease in the developing world
Dr Rick Steeds

Dr Susanna Price

Cardiac complications of cancer therapeutics: cardio-oncology
Dr Alex Lyon

'Troponinitis' - when not to call a raised troponin ACS
Dr Stuart Hutcheon

Medical emergencies in adult congenital heart disease
Dr Niki Walker