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The global fight against infectious diseases is 3 June 2021
Infectious Diseases 2020

Infectious Diseases 2020


Modification of the microbiome using faecal microbiota transplantation
Dr Christopher Green

Emerging concepts in sepsis management
Dr Andrew Conway Morris

The Covid-19 response in Africa: leaving no one behind
Professor Francisca Mutapi

Outbreak of novel respiratory viruses
Dr Jake Dunning

Controlled human infection models as tools in vaccine development
Professor Andrew Pollard

Infectious Diseases 2019

Infectious Diseases 2019


More rational treatment of sepsis
Professor Martin Llewelyn

Update on CMV: What's new in diagnosis, treatment and prevention
Professor Paul Griffiths

Biologic agents
Professor Gerry Davies

Cellulitis: How can we do better?
Dr Rebecca Sutherland

Extra talk
Dengue: current challenges and opportunities

Professor Bridget Wills

Infectious Diseases 2018

Infectious Diseases 2018


Legal highs and severe bacterial disease - an Edinburgh outbreak
Dr Donald Inverarity

AMR: Behaviour change interventions
Dr Timothy Rawson

State of the world's antibiotics in 2018
Professor Ramanan Laxminarayan

HIV cure: Need or fantasy?
Professor John Frater

TB: Epidemiology and diagnosis
Dr Timothy Walker