Course image Brain Health: Dementia & Associated Conditions - in partnership with Brain Health Scotland

 31 October 2023


What does healthy brain ageing look like?
Professor Alan Gow

Vascular brain health risk factors: do they make a difference?
Professor Terry Quinn

Emerging brain health risk factors
Dr Tom Russ

Non-neurodegenerative causes of cognitive decline
Dr Harriet Ball

Risk factor disclosure - what does the public want to know?
Dr Stina Saunders

The drugs might work...
Dr Cath Mummery

Course image Neurology 2022

10 November 2022


Status epilepticus – what is new and why
Professor Hannah Cock

Update on headache
Dr Pooja Dassan

Update on multiple sclerosis
Dr Waqar Rashid

Peripheral neuropathy
Dr Kathryn Brennan

How to solve it! A neuropsychiatric approach to functional neurological disorders
Professor Alan Carson

Tropical neurology
Professor Thashi Chang

Course image Neurology 2021

03 November 2021


Navigating and communicating the pandemic infodemic
Dr Deborah Cohen

My most instructive mistake
Dr Richard Davenport

My most instructive mistake
Dr John Paul Leach

My most instructive mistake
Dr Jenny Vaughan

Turning mechanistic failure into therapeutic success
Professor Patrick Chinnery

Course image Neurology 2020

05 November 2020


Inflammatory muscle diseases
Dr James Lilleker

Metabolic muscle diseases
Dr Mark Roberts

Motor neurone disease mechanisms and translational research
Professor Siddharthan Chandran

Modern management of pain
Dr Nick Plunkett

Acute stroke – what should be doing?
Dr Gavin Young