Course image Medicine of Older People
Geriatric Medicine

 07 March 2024


Management of chronic kidney disease in the older adult
Dr Laura Clark

Assessment and management of the older adult with acute and sub-acute limb ischaemia
Dr Fiona Kerray

Sequential and combination therapy for osteoporosis
Professor Stuart Ralston

What's new in heart failure and how do I treat an older person with heart failure in 2024?
Dr Shuli Levy

The older person with falls: diagnoses not to make
Dr Nigel Stout

Course image Medicine of Older People 2023
Geriatric Medicine

10 March 2023


Major trauma in older people - what's new?
Dr George Peck

The new geriatric medicine curriculum - what do trainees and trainers need to know?
Dr Susan Pound & Dr Rebecca Winter

Introducing the new World Falls Guidelines
Professor Tahir Masud

Transforming care for older people with multiple long-term conditions – the ADMISSION collaborative
Professor Miles Witham

What’s new for benign and malignant prostate disease?
Dr Hazel Smith

Course image Medicine of Older People 2022
Geriatric Medicine

11 March 2022


How can we β€˜get it right first time’ for older people?
Dr Adrian Hopper

Organisational, social and cultural determinants of healthcare delivery for older people
Professor Paul Gray

Parkinson’s disease (PD) and acute illness
Dr Edward Richfield

Dr Veronica Lyell

Dr Neeraj Bhala

End stage renal disease
Professor Edwina Brown

Course image Medicine of the Older Person 2021
Geriatric Medicine

05 March 2021


Frailty and multi-morbidity
Professor Avan Sayer

Challenging behaviour, stress and distress
Dr Roger Smyth

Proportionate prescribing
Dr Martin Wilson

Digital health – tools to modernise healthcare?
Professor Lynn Rochester

The doctor will see you now (virtually)
Dr James Woods

Course image Medicine of the Older Person 2020: Challenges in Modern Geriatric Medicine
Geriatric Medicine

19 March 2020


Heart failure
Dr Diane Barker

Dr Prina Ruparelia

Perioperative management
Dr Magda Sbai

Dr Jemima Smith

Dr Jerry Brown