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Course image Clinical Governance 2024
EMUs 2023-24
Broadcast on 30 January 2024


Dealing with complaints
Dr Helen Gillett

Dealing with the DVLA
Dr Ishwinder Thethy

Dealing with significant event analyses
Dr Dean Kerslake

Course image High Dependency Unit 2023
EMUs 2023-24
Broadcast on 26 September 2023


Assessment and management of cardiogenic shock
Dr Louise Hartley

Critical care outreach
Mr Ronnie Dornan

Clinical event debriefing
Dr Alex Stirzaker

Course image Working within a Team 2021
EMUs 2021-22

Broadcast 14 December 2021


Unconscious bias in medicine - how people and institution can challenge and change
Ms Scarlett McNally

Professional communication & team working
Dr Paul Rocchiccioli

Course image Changing Times, Changing Practice 2021
EMUs 2020-21

Broadcast 22 June 2021


Organ donation - opting out, not in
Dr Nicholas Torpey

Data driven clinical practice
Professor Mahmood Adil

Sustainability in healthcare and social care
Dr Emma Vaux

Course image Capability outwith Clinical Work 2020
EMUs 2020-21

Broadcast 15 December 2020


Mindfulness in medicine and medical education
Dr Susan Chater

Quality Improvement
Dr Jean Macleod

A realistic approach to evidence based medicine
Dr Christopher Tiplady

Course image Medicolegal Challenges 2020
EMUs 2019-20

Broadcast 23 June 2020


Medical law: capacity and detentions
Dr Matthew Sheridan

Law and ethics around decision-making at end of life
Dr Stephen Fenning

After a significant event: the review process
Dr Claire Gordon

Course image Keeping up with Modern Medicine 2020
EMUs 2019-20

Broadcast 25 February 2020


Fatigue, shift work and the evidence
Dr Christopher Sheridan

Insight and reflection when things go wrong
Dr Michael Devlin

Dr Beatrice Downie

Course image Acute Medicine: St Andrew's Day 2021
Acute Medicine: St Andrew's Day

25-26 November 2021

Day 1

Endocrine emergencies
Dr Rohana Wright

The many faces of thrombosis and its care in COVID-19 infection and vaccination
Professor Beverley Hunt

Epidemiology of COVID-19 – what we’ve learnt from the CCP-UK study
Dr Antonia Ho

Hype, hubris and hope: the use of technology in managing long-term conditions
Professor Brian McKinstry

Big data – supporting decisions and improving patient care
Professor Cathie Sudlow

Social media for science communication and education
Dr Muge Cevik

The neurology of TLoC and funny turns
Dr Richard Davenport

Anaphylaxis during the pandemic
Dr Malcolm Shepherd

Day 2

Drugs and alcohol at the front door
Professor Colin Drummond

Abnormal liver function tests (LFTs)
Dr Andrew Fraser

Learning from complaints
Dr Rhona Siegmeth

Acute kidney injury and the ageing kidney
Dr Fergus Caskey

Complex multimorbidity
Professor Frances Mair

Whole system approach to urgent care for older people living with frailty
Professor Simon Conroy

The acute team – use of treatment escalation plans to reduce patient harm
Professor Robin Taylor

The geriatrician - management of end of life discussions in the acute setting
Dr Gordon Duncan

Course image Medicine of Older People 2022
Geriatric Medicine

11 March 2022


How can we ‘get it right first time’ for older people?
Dr Adrian Hopper

Organisational, social and cultural determinants of healthcare delivery for older people
Professor Paul Gray

Parkinson’s disease (PD) and acute illness
Dr Edward Richfield

Dr Veronica Lyell

Dr Neeraj Bhala

End stage renal disease
Professor Edwina Brown

Course image Medical Trainees' Conference 2020: The On-call Handbook
Medical Trainees' Conference

31 January 2020


Diabetes dilemmas
Dr Rachel Williamson

Portal hypertensive problems
Dr Stuart McPherson

Renal Riddles
Dr Siobhan McManus

The psychology of practice change
Professor Jo Hart

How neurology has shaped our understanding of memory
Dr Tom Miller

Toxicology troubles
Dr Euan Sandilands

ECG Emergencies
Dr Gwilym Morris

Palliative care - Key principles for physicians
Dr Gursaran Purewal

The trop trap and walking pneumonia
Dr Kaitlin Mayne

No NEWS is good NEWS
Dr Madeleine Sharpe

The curious case of persistent pyrexia
Dr Natalie Lee

Important variations in care of the elderly services
Dr Alison Donaldson

Course image Neurology 2021

03 November 2021


Navigating and communicating the pandemic infodemic
Dr Deborah Cohen

My most instructive mistake
Dr Richard Davenport

My most instructive mistake
Dr John Paul Leach

My most instructive mistake
Dr Jenny Vaughan

Turning mechanistic failure into therapeutic success
Professor Patrick Chinnery

Course image Creating a Community of Care 2019
Remote and Rural

12 November 2019


Training perspective
Dr Mike Jones

Generalism: The New Specialism (Broad Based Training)
Professor Graham Leese

Introducing GMC-regulated credentials
Ms Rose Ward

Rural and Remote Credential Update
Professor Alan Denison

Research into drinking in Remote Rural Areas of Scotland
Ms Jackie MacDiarmid

Rediscover the joy of Rural General Practice
Dr Kirsty Brightwell and Dr Charles Sindefin

A rapid assessment clinic for the older people of Skye
Dr Karen Le Ball

Enhance: The safety net we need
Dr Jean MacLeod

Inspiring Culture Change: Introducing Simulation Training to Caithness General Hospital
Dr Kirsty Griffiths

A new approach to rural healthcare education in the UK
Professor Kathy Jackson

The Nagasaki Islands Study
Dr Isao Shimokawa

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Med Student / FY

Course image RCPE Mersey & North Western England: Updates in Clinical Medicine
UK Conferences

Broadcast 10 November 2021


Lessons learnt from COVID-19
Professor Mohammed Munavvar

How to find the Goldilocks Patient in Acute Ischemic Stroke
Professor Keith Muir

Insight and reflection when things go wrong
Dr Michael Devlin

Course image RCPE Newcastle: Updates in Clinical Medicine
UK Conferences

Broadcast 16 September 2021


Antimicrobial resistance – the next infectious threat?
Dr Ali Robb

SuppoRTT – supporting doctors returning to training – who, how and why?
Dr Hilary Tedd

Course image RCPE Orkney: Updates in Clinical Medicine
UK Conferences

Broadcast 13 May 2021


A review of the role of the smaller hospital
Dr Louella Vaughan

Challenges of recruitment and training
Dr Pauline Wilson

The potential of telemedicine
Professor James Ferguson

Course image Top Tips for New Junior Doctors
Medical Careers

How to survive your first week
Dr Jessica Selwood

Mastering the curriculum
Dr Gabriella Woodward-Smith

The jobs of a new doctor
Dr Vig Kandasamy

Who do I turn to for help?
Dr Jess McNiff


FY1 top tips: how to survive your first day as an FY1
Dr Libby Sampey

FY1 top tips: practical advice and portfolio
Dr Ronak Shah

How to deal with deteriorating patients
Dr Marilena Giannoudi

Thriving beats surviving: navigating your first year as a doctor
Dr Charlotte Squires

Q&A discussion
Dr Libby Sampey, Dr Ronak Shah, Dr Marilena Giannoudi, Dr Charlotte Squires. Chair: Dr Georgina Phillips


Top Tips for an FY1
Dr Georgina Phillips

Practicalities of managing acutely unwell patients, more than ABCDE
Dr Jonathan Bardgett

From Student Doctor to Doctor
Dr Alan MacKenzie

Q&A discussion
Dr Georgina Phillips, Dr Jonathan Bardgett, Dr Alan MacKenzie. Chair: Dr Victoria Moffat


Top tips for FY1s
Dr Christopher Holt

Managing the acutely unwell patient
Dr Danielle Jeffreys

Transitioning from student to doctor: top tips for keeping a healthy work life balance
Dr Patrice Baptiste


Top tips for FY1: A personal perspective
Dr Jonathan Kang

Managing unwell patients: Tips for your first on-call shifts
Dr Nicola Robinson

FY1: Managing the transition from student to doctor - learning to learn while working
Dr Fiona Cameron

Course image Careers Symposia for Medical Students and Junior Doctors
Medical Careers

Bite-size specialty interviews, and:

Medical Careers 2018

The future of internal medicine training - A new curriculum for 2019
Dr Mike Jones

What it means to be a Physician
Dr Kerri Baker

Course image The Internal Medicine Curriculum
Internal Medicine Training (IMT)

The Internal Medicine Curriculum: What I need to know
Dr Anna Olsson-Brown

The future of internal medicine training: A new curriculum for 2019
Dr Mike Jones

IMT discussion
Dr Anna Olsson-Brown and Dr Mike Jones

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Course image CESR: How you can succeed

21 June 2019


CESR Success Stories
Dr Victoria Thomas, Dr Thamara Athauda, Mr Khizar Khan

SAS Doctors - No more excuses
Dr Dan Boden

CESR Assessors
Mr Mike Clarke and Dr Mike Jones

Panel discussion: Q+A
Victoria Thomas, Thamara Athauda, Mike Jones, Peter Clegg, Jessie Roff, Mike Clarke, Dan Boden, Khizar Khan

Applying for a CESR - GMC
Peter Clegg

This Health Education England event took place on 21 June 2019 in Newcastle upon Tyne.

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Course image Professionalism in Medicine: The Climate Health Emergency: What can we do to deliver sustainable healthcare
Life as a Consultant

 07 November 2023


"Ten Things a Doctor Can Do" To Combat Climate Change
Dr Sarah Bartlett

NHS Scotland Sustainability Strategy: How trusts are putting this strategy in to action and what clinicians can do to support this
Dr James Morton

Course image Embracing the digital world – getting the most out of it as clinicians
Life as a Consultant

16 November 2021


Communication techniques in a digital world
Dr Kirsty Boyd

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Course image Supporting Your Team Through Uncertainty and Change
Life as a Consultant

09 March 2021


Leading Change: what have we learned from the pandemic
Dr Helen Bevan

Lessons in Upheaval: how to cope when it's all going wrong
Dr Louise Millar

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Course image Social Media in Clinical Practice and the Virtual Consultation
Life as a Consultant

10 November 2020


How banishing social media helped my wellbeing
Dr Clare Bostock

Positive effects of social media in medical education, leadership and practice
Dr Jonny Guckian

Virtual consultation; the next best thing
Ms Hazel Archer

Virtual consultation; a loss of human touch
Prof Trish Greenhalgh

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Course image Your pension & your skills in clinical management
Life as a Consultant

10 March 2020


Clinical Management/Leadership: An unlikely participant
Dr Jon Miles

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Course image Eliminating bias, cultivating governance and leadership
Life as a Consultant

12 November 2019


Opening remarks
Professor Michael Deighan

Poor behaviours in healthcare
Dr Neil Spenceley

The leadership of culture
Ms Sue Hoyle OBE

Questions - Panel Discussion
Expert Panel, led by Dr Catherine Labinjoh

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Course image Creating a Healthy Team Culture
Life as a Consultant

6 November 2018


Ms Mags Bradbury

Undermining and Bullying: Implications and what to do about it
Miss Alice Hartley

Course image Learning from the Bawa-Garba Case

23 April 2018

An evening debate in association with the Faculty of Advocates

Course image Don't Take It Personally

Dr Graham Nimmo and Dr Dorothy Armstrong in conversation.

Don’t Take It Personally explores self-care and compassion in the face of complaint, and the power of apology.

Course image Our Workforce Matters 2019

08 March 2019


Lean In: Strategies to help our colleagues achieve success and take on leadership roles with confidence
Professor Jane Norman

Disability at work
Ms Kiana Kalantar-Hormozi

Bringing Pride to the Workplace
Dr Clare Clark

Mr Edwin Jesudason

Course image Women in Leadership - 27 April 2023
Women in Leadership: RCPE & RCSEd in Association with AoMRC

 27 April 2023


Championing women in leadership
Dame Anne Richards

Building and leading effective teams - lessons from NASA and beyond
Professor Steven Yule

Widening participation
Dr MaryAnn Ferreux

Leadership and role-modelling: incorporating intersectional identities
Professor Chloe Orkin

Women’s leadership in medicine during the pandemic
Dr Melissa A. Wheeler and Dr Laksmi Sakura Govindasamy

Course image 10 things a doctor can do to combat climate change
Climate change

Free, Open Access e-learning from RCPE's College Advisory Forum on the Environment (CAFE).