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Course image Clinical Governance 2024
EMUs 2023-24
Broadcast on 30 January 2024


Dealing with complaints
Dr Helen Gillett

Dealing with the DVLA
Dr Ishwinder Thethy

Dealing with significant event analyses
Dr Dean Kerslake

Course image Capability outwith Clinical Work 2020
EMUs 2020-21

Broadcast 15 December 2020


Mindfulness in medicine and medical education
Dr Susan Chater

Quality Improvement
Dr Jean Macleod

A realistic approach to evidence based medicine
Dr Christopher Tiplady

Course image Keeping up with Modern Medicine 2020
EMUs 2019-20

Broadcast 25 February 2020


Fatigue, shift work and the evidence
Dr Christopher Sheridan

Insight and reflection when things go wrong
Dr Michael Devlin

Dr Beatrice Downie

Course image Acute Medicine: St Andrew's Day 2019
Acute Medicine: St Andrew's Day

28-29 November 2019

Day 1

Shared decision making
Dr Caroline Whitworth

Understanding the 'human' factor
Dr Vicky Tallentire

Pyrexia of unknown origin (PUO)
Dr Elham Khatamzas

The acutely jaundiced patient
Dr Michael Williams

Professor Henry Watson

Resolving conflict in healthcare
Dr Claire Macaulay

The public understanding of risk
Dr Sander van der Linden

Acute kidney injury (AKI)
Professor Neil Turner

Pulmonary emboli (PE)
Dr Jay Suntharalingam

A good death
Dr Juliet Spiller

Day 2

Paracetamol overdose (OD)
Dr Emma Morrison

Skin failure
Dr Fiona Meredith

Managing the acute take during a major incident
Dr Philip Lee

Wearables in medicine
Dr Ali K Yetisen

Exercise and health
Dr Gregor Smith

Dr Paul Broadhurst

The jugular venous pulse (JVP)
Dr Andrew Flapan

Medically unexplained symptoms
Dr Wojtek Wojcik

Course image Neurology 2021

03 November 2021


Navigating and communicating the pandemic infodemic
Dr Deborah Cohen

My most instructive mistake
Dr Richard Davenport

My most instructive mistake
Dr John Paul Leach

My most instructive mistake
Dr Jenny Vaughan

Turning mechanistic failure into therapeutic success
Professor Patrick Chinnery

Course image Top Tips for New Junior Doctors
Medical Careers

How to survive your first week
Dr Jessica Selwood

Mastering the curriculum
Dr Gabriella Woodward-Smith

The jobs of a new doctor
Dr Vig Kandasamy

Who do I turn to for help?
Dr Jess McNiff


FY1 top tips: how to survive your first day as an FY1
Dr Libby Sampey

FY1 top tips: practical advice and portfolio
Dr Ronak Shah

How to deal with deteriorating patients
Dr Marilena Giannoudi

Thriving beats surviving: navigating your first year as a doctor
Dr Charlotte Squires

Q&A discussion
Dr Libby Sampey, Dr Ronak Shah, Dr Marilena Giannoudi, Dr Charlotte Squires. Chair: Dr Georgina Phillips


Top Tips for an FY1
Dr Georgina Phillips

Practicalities of managing acutely unwell patients, more than ABCDE
Dr Jonathan Bardgett

From Student Doctor to Doctor
Dr Alan MacKenzie

Q&A discussion
Dr Georgina Phillips, Dr Jonathan Bardgett, Dr Alan MacKenzie. Chair: Dr Victoria Moffat


Top tips for FY1s
Dr Christopher Holt

Managing the acutely unwell patient
Dr Danielle Jeffreys

Transitioning from student to doctor: top tips for keeping a healthy work life balance
Dr Patrice Baptiste


Top tips for FY1: A personal perspective
Dr Jonathan Kang

Managing unwell patients: Tips for your first on-call shifts
Dr Nicola Robinson

FY1: Managing the transition from student to doctor - learning to learn while working
Dr Fiona Cameron

Course image Wellbeing in Medicine
Life as a Consultant

16 May 2023


Working with a chronic health condition or disability and supporting those that do
Dr Kirsty Colquhon

Staff Burnout
Dr Helen Garr & Kirsty Woolley

Panel Discussion
Chair: Dr Helen Scally

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Course image Embracing the digital world – getting the most out of it as clinicians
Life as a Consultant

16 November 2021


Communication techniques in a digital world
Dr Kirsty Boyd

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Course image Supporting Your Team Through Uncertainty and Change
Life as a Consultant

09 March 2021


Leading Change: what have we learned from the pandemic
Dr Helen Bevan

Lessons in Upheaval: how to cope when it's all going wrong
Dr Louise Millar

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Course image Creating a Healthy Team Culture
Life as a Consultant

6 November 2018


Ms Mags Bradbury

Undermining and Bullying: Implications and what to do about it
Miss Alice Hartley

Course image Don't Take It Personally

Dr Graham Nimmo and Dr Dorothy Armstrong in conversation.

Don’t Take It Personally explores self-care and compassion in the face of complaint, and the power of apology.

Course image Our Workforce Matters 2019

08 March 2019


Lean In: Strategies to help our colleagues achieve success and take on leadership roles with confidence
Professor Jane Norman

Disability at work
Ms Kiana Kalantar-Hormozi

Bringing Pride to the Workplace
Dr Clare Clark

Mr Edwin Jesudason

Course image Wellbeing and support

Resources covering: support services; how to keep well; communication and challenging conversations; and death, dying and bereavement. Includes a collection of RCPE health and wellbeing podcast recordings.